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What's anyone done today

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Those of you who read these posts will know I've had a really tough week.

I'm still getting to terms that I need to stay in until the end of June, I was only taking short walks around my local area a couple of times a week, haven't been out for more than 30 minutes, anyway I got myself registered this morning and I'll see what happens next week. My other ongoing problem is saying they're waiting for GP approval which they had earlier this month, so tonight or tomorrow, little Miss I know you've got lots of people with this problem and I'm sorry I'm bothering you, will turn into miss angry and send a very angry email, I've just wasted 3 weeks of my life on this.

Otherwise finished off the spare room, got some space in there now, and just pottering

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Hi Jennymary

You certainly have had a very tough week.

Can you not go for a short walk maybe early morning/late afternoon when there are less people around. Is there a space where you can easily keep away from people where you live?

My granddaughter is also one of those that is more at risk as she is on immune suppressants because she has JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) but my daughter has taken her out, not every day, and has ensured that she is nowhere near anyone.

I really do feel for you with the problems you've had with your prescription, can you contact your GP and be 100% honest and say how it's made you feel.

I've been out on a bike ride today and managed to get spelt flour which I need for my diet so I'm really pleased about that. I made some biscuits for hubby this afternoon and am now on the computer.

Please take care and I really hope you get somewhere with your medication but don't hesitate to speak to your GP.

Hello Jennymary.

please don't turn into Little Miss Angry I like as you are. but I can understand how frustrated you must be. think i would give your GP a call. well done on getting your spare room sorted.guess that I had better crack on with mine. I have cleaned the tops of every cupboard in the kitchen, and inside them this week. just doing a couple of hours each day

as crazyfitness says, why not go for a short walk when it is quiet. thats what I have started doing, trying to do half hour everyday. -eaten too many goodies! enjoy your weekend, Take Care.

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Hi annjen3, I ordered through Boots to get meds delivered on 4 April, 21 April get email saying its been cancelled as GP didn't approve it within 48hrs, it was approved 16 April, 21 April did manage to speak to someone and re-ordered it, its waiting for GP approval, so Miss Angry will send an email, while I'm on here I'll always be Miss Nice

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Its been a horrible time for you this week hasnt it with that prescription!

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well Little Miss Nice, it was nice to see you on line, you sound a lovely lady take care, am sending some Huggles!! that was my grandsons word when he was "Tiny" now hes 12 and like a string bean but still huggleable.

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Huggles received thank you, they were lovely, I used to use the word when talking to my God daughter and her sister when they were small, they're both now in their twenties, God daughter got married last October, sister engaged

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I’m a ‘stuck indoors’ person too but I’m used to it. Do you have a garden you can potter round to get some fresh air?

My friend told me about a Northeast England Sewing for the Frontline Heroes so I’m spending my time making scrubs bags and head bands with buttons on to fasten masks to.

Try to keep smiling JennyMary, we’re all there with you 😘

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Well done you, such a good thing to do 👍

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Hi Jennymary, I am so sorry you are still messing about with your prescription. Today, I visited my mum. She was so pleased to see me and I her. When I was out shopping yesterday, I picked some treats up for her, so gave her them today. Got home, walked the dogs. Carried on painting the spare room. It was quite hot as it's the small spare room. I've called it a day now till tomorrow. This evening I will be catching up on post's iv'e missed today and will find a film to watch later. I'll have some dinner at some point also. xx

Its always the way how these things come in the same blow like the prescription and then the text about staying home for 12 weeks which must have been a right blow as well!

Today I have finished off a future learn course, been out for my usual daily walk, finished off a book this morning, watched skyfall on TV and plan to start a new book after dinner.

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What did your course teach you to make?

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It was a business studies course about training and development and I enjoyed it.

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Oh lol I first read it as a furniture making course 😂😂 glad you enjoyed it.

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Hi Jennymary, sorry you're still having bother. Not surprised you're getting cross. I've dried my washing and read the paper, read a bit more of my latest book and had cuddles with Faithful Hound.

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Hi and good afternoon, Jennymary .

Sorry things still aren't corrected, yet. The company should have at least said they were sorry for the hold up with your medication. You're doing the right thing about wanting to send an e-mail to them. With e-mail, they can't say that you never sent it. Please let us know what happens when you get more information.

For my day, I did some replies to postings, went on e-mail, had breakfast and lunch and listened to some music. I'm planning to do some reading this afternoon and then again before bedtime after I have dinner and create the word scramble puzzle(s) for the next day.

I hope you have a great evening now, Jennymary. :-)

Hi Jennymary, yes it has been tough for you. I hope you can resolve it all without too much further trouble. Hope today was OK for you, and like you I've been mostly pottering for the day. But I did manage an early walk this morning, before the relentless queues of supermarket shoppers arrived to queue and make passing space too narrow to be safe. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.

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My daughter has to stay in . Shielding .

She has been coping with making rainbows . Making masks writing .

Aksi had prescription issues and days and days trying to get through to the surgery.

I've been stick in apart from short walks and trips to the surgery or food shop for 18 m.

Really miss cycling and being well.

I feel for you.

I cant even watch tv or have a light on.

Thsnk goodness fir this small screen.

So try and stay positive .

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