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What's anyone done today

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Welcome to all our new members, this is something I started doing a few days ago, it's just the (un) exciting things I've done, I'm happy to carry on each day if you'd like me to.

Today, I've finished the dusting although the window sill and frame need a clean on another day, I also had a, short walk, at the end of my road there's a, small branch of M&S in a garage so I went there and got some cold meat and juice.

Finally, I see on the BBC website that Off Licences are now essential which is great if you like a tipple, I don't, but chip shops where you can get a hot meal are still closed!!! Maybe chip shops could open a couple of days a week, just so that us on our own can occasionally have a meal cooked for us

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Yes that’s weird , fish shops are more important than off-licences I would have thought, and our go to for a treat if we don’t feel like cooking an evening meal.

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Hi Jennymary. This is my first glimpse of your post and I think it's a lovely idea.

I managed to peel my husband away from all the conference calls on his laptop and we headed out for a dog walk on our local heathland common this afternoon. It was beautiful and so lovely to feel a little warmth in the sunny air. We saw a handful of fellow dog walkers keeping a respectful distance and a lovely pair of older ladies who were taking their daily exercise together, but keeping a good 2m apart as they happily chatted and walked along. We were enjoying it so much that we lost track of the time and we had to rush back so I could start my online tutoring at 4pm!

It's important to keep a little normality in our lives and so good to have a routine to help structure our days. Keep posting and sharing yours with us. 😊

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Hi Jennymary, what a lovely idea,makes you feel still part of life😀 I must admit I have struggled getting my head around the self-isolation but now am trying to find ways of embracing it so as Theatre is my passion, I have started looking up sites like WhatsOnStage for screenings and is great to see that the theatre world is rallying to provide free screening and live events. Also decided to teach my self two new cake recipes a week so will need my step up the exercising 😁 Keep safe and look forward to chatting again

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SORRELHIPPOReading Rabbits

I have not been out since Sept. of 2017, took 2 helpers and a cab driver to get me out, and back in again, although coming in at least I could come up the stairs on hands and knees, better than a hand boost under the bottom every stop!! Have days when i do nothing other than read the paper + do the crosswords. Today, sorted out my next months worth of medication, discovered a top I had forgotten I had, maybe because it needs hand washing, put this off until Thursday. Hunted for the soap I knew I had, but could not remember where I had put it, had a telephone I had not been expecting, all of a sudden people have decided it is the week to call the "vulnerable". Finished some chocolate that should have lasted until Friday, Oh well

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So glad to find an ally who's finding it hard to stretch the chocolate!

Hi Jennymary,

I'm glad to hear how your day goes every day. Life's not that exciting at the moment and it's good to hear what everyone's been up to, even though it may be nothing out of the ordinary. The important thing is that we all keep in touch with each other in our forum.

I've been a bit like Jerry today. Pottering about and not settling to much to be honest. You are obviously much better disciplined than me with your cleaning.

You are lucky having a little convenience close by to you. It gives you a short walk and I bet the shop isn't so crowded now that people are more confined to home. Most people are heading for the bigger supermarkets which must be more hazardous in terms of getting infected. I didn't know about the off-licences! I guess the government realises that people who do like a tipple will be far better off being able to get it! I'm with you. I'd far rather the fish and chips were available. And you do need a few nights off from having to cook. It seems like such a chore to have to cook just for yourself every night. Take care and I'll look forward to more of your reports!


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Hi to you too MrsN

I'm good, how are you doing???


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Our daily routine goes something like this... breakfast then an hour’s walk round our little rural community avoiding the new walkers out now. Never saw a soul up till this week. Back for coffee in our sun trap enclosed back garden. Next washing, cleaning and jobs around the house and garden. WhatsApp our daughters and friends then the fun stuff starts. I decorated my Christmas tree with photos of my loved ones and everything I hold dear in my life. It’s my Happy Tree. We bought online a video to dvd recorder and are getting to grips with this bit of technology... it’s taking us hours. Watch Boris’ Broadcast dinner tv and bed.

Stay safe and well everyone.

Spread the love not the virus


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I watched Tori Kelly on IG live, helped my Mom with dinner and I tried to clean. That's it. It's hard to take my mind off this stuff sometimes.

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