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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Staying busy in winter while social distancing

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For varied reasons, I'm staying home. I'm a member of Team Rubicon disaster assistance nonprofit, but they don't deploy more vulnerable members into the field these days, so I signed up to do international weather watch reporting. It should keep my brain busy and provide a sense of contribution, once I master the reporting process.

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What does it involve you doing Wallowa.?

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Looking at a lot of weather maps and projections (and earthquake records) each day, and mapping them on a threat report!

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What an interesting way to keep busy. Being active and playing such a useful part of your community. Well done you!

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That sounds really interesting work,having your finger in the Pulse of the Earth itself!

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I'm a weather geek, anyway, so this is a step up!

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Good for you Wallowa, it's good to keep yourself busy and still help out and I'm sure it's much appreciated too, also you're keeping yourself safe which is important. I hope your mother is OK. xx

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Thank you. News is she got through it without too much effect, and we are waiting for the results of the follow up covid test to see if she is free of it.

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That is very good news, you must be so relieved and of course will be even more so when you get the results of the test. 🤞🤞 xx

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Yes indeed!

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That’s great. Let us know how you progress 😊

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Thanks, will do!

That's a really useful thing to be volunteering to do Wallowa and also interesting for you too. Good luck with mastering the process! 😊🌈👍

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I practiced on a template yesterday, and am going to review the resource pages today.

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