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What a Blessing You Can Be

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I am a PD patient in the Midwest and new to the new community.

We buried my Father In-Law yesterday. The funeral home had been given a directive from the state to limit the number of attendees. Thankfully, I was able to be there with my wife, my primary caregiver. She needed me for a change.

Bless her heart. She had been traveling back and forth to care for me and care for her father. My PD Home Therapy has been paramount in the freedom afforded and ability to be mobile for me and her. Of course, we are both at home now.

You see, God blesses us all when we come to know our purpose here, on Earth. He has revealed mine to me and I hope that He reveals yours to you as well.

Mine may interest you. I plan to execute patient-driven innovation for PD Home Therapy while practicing Self-Isolation. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to segregate COVID-19 positive dialysis patients from exposing it to others.More Home Therapy equals less exposure.

I pray that we can be a blessing for others and let God's light shine as we glorify Him. If you need a little encouragement, just ask Him. If you need help finding God, I am here, to be a blessing!

6 Replies
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Will be remembering your family in my prayers

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Thank you for thinking of my family. There are a lot of people suffering in the world. I appreciate you taking time to respond

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jimmyshoes in reply to 82mf

I just cannot imagine how you must be feeling .God bless x

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I’m so very sorry that you’ve gone through the bereavement of your Wife’s Father .

We are here on loan only from God .. I was once told by my Aunt when my Father died

I understood that somehow , despite my broken heart 💔

I wish you good health and your Wife too .

May you know from others what Love is really all about ... as I think you sound like lovely people who enjoy giving it to

others .

Take care of each other and stay safe .

Love Mx🌹

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82mf in reply to madge1979

Amen Sister! I am so blessed that He has revealed my purpose.

My Father in-law was a great man. Very simple and humble.

thank you for your warm wishes!

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Thank you for your kind thoughts Jerry.

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