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One Hour Can Change a Life Forever

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My daughter and her small family live in Boulder, Colorado. Although we live in different states, we are close and talk frequently. As we were about to hang up on Monday, I asked what her next errand was and she said she was stopping by her King Soopers grocery for a couple of travel items for the trip. I laughed at the name of the grocery and told her it reminded me of my childhood grocery named Piggly-Wiggly.

She and our 15 yr old were leaving the next day for him to participate in a Pfizer Covid trial for 12-15 yr olds out-of-state. She, another friend and mom of a 15 yr old were going together and would spend a couple of nights.

An hour later, the Boulder mass shooting (and senseless killing of ten) was all over the news! My daughter had been in that store an hour before.

Had we not laughed about the name of the grocery, it wouldn't have hit me quite as hard. She and her family were all back home and safe but the horror of what a difference an hour can make in the lives of all affected by this will linger and forever change the lives of some.

Until the Congress of the U.S. passes strict laws and penalties against the easy purchase of assault guns, these massive killings will continue. The week before, 8 were killed in another horrific mass shooting in Atlanta, Ga. which is the home of my daughter's dad. Until voters stop electing officials who accept campaign funding from a very large gun lobby in this country, nothing will change.

This time my family was safe but what about next week or month?

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What a really frightening and disturbing thing for your family to have come so close to such danger FlowerPreciousLover Having had such a lucky escape must be giving all of you pause for thought and conflicting emotions. Relief and joy at having survived but sorrow for all those who lost their lives, I imagine. It would be quite easy to say from the UK that of course laws in US should be changed and that we don't have that gun-toting culture in Europe, but that's not our whole truth. In its place here, we have an increasing culture of knives and fatal stabbings. And in one way, even more frightening, for who does not have a knife in a kitchen drawer?

While stricter gun laws would clearly be of help to you all, I think we need to address what it is that's going so badly wrong in this world that it's brought about these episodes of cold and unfeeling acts of mass murder, to bring terror into communities.

But notwithstanding, I completely understand how you must be feeling and how much you yearn for more robust gun laws. Thinking of you all. 🙏

Thank you for your response and compassionate thoughts, Callendersgal. It has taken me the week to be able to even write about what happened and the fears, relief and sorrow this senseless act engendered.

I am struggling more because of not having seen my little family in over a year. They have been so careful in taking Covid precautions and we are hoping to be able to see one another in a couple of months by driving to a half-way location for a brief visit.

I keep wondering how many others of those 10 who lost lives, besides the first police officer on the scene, some in line for their Covid vaccines and staff, were in the store like my daughter just popping in to pick up a few items for a meal or future snack?

Violent unprovoked deaths, whether by knives, guns or other means leave all wanting to make our world a much safer place. The stressors resulting from the pandemic have begun to recognized and addressed. However, much more needs to be done by individuals in alerting others when someone they know may be unstable enough to cause harm to him/herself or others.

I’m glad your family are safe, sadly there USA will never ban gun ownership..... but I won’t get into a discussion about it, but I extend my condolences to all of our American cousins affected by these shootings, May those that lost their lives


I so agree with what you say FPL, we have said it here at home many times over the last few years. If only the powers that be would bring out a law against the owning of guns except in exceptional circumstances it would be a great start but until something like that happens, nothing's going to change. I'm so very glad your family were safe, you must be so very relieved. Thinking of you. Take care. xx

Thanks, Springcross, for reading and for your kind words. While we are very relieved, we are also very shaken that this could happen anywhere at anytime.

Thats it though tragedy can strike any of us down at any time.

It's a lesson to live for today.

Yes FPL, that's so true and it's happening more and more now unfortunately. xx

Thanks for responding, Jerry. Your near miss and ours makes us all appreciate even more how much we take for granted until something like this happens.

No one knows for certain what will happen next week or next month and it's a lesson in living for today!

So very true, Catgirl1976. If we've learned nothing more from this dreadful year of the pandemic, I hope all of us will be ever more grateful for the small blessings we once took so much more for granted.

One definite lesson I will be taking from the pandemic with me is I will never take anything for granted again!

Hi FlowePL 🤗🙏♥️

OMGOODNESS !!!!! I can imagine the chills and goosebumps you get each time you think of the alternatives.

Thank God that your family was not there during the massacre.

I pray for all who have been negatively impacted by this tragic event. My heart breaks 💔 for all who lost their lives.

I live in Michigan. In 1969 I was traumatized when my 21 year old Art Teacher was tortured and murdered by a serial killer from Eastern Michigan University who killed 7 total young women.

My teacher fell victim 2 days before my High School graduation when I was 18.

I’m 70 next month...her murder so traumatized me that I’ve never recovered and added to existing PTSD.

It’s unfortunate when an organization has more power and members that they cannot be abolished when it comes to getting ALL types of firearms into the hands of everyone that has the money to buy them.

Mentally ill people and everyone that has backgrounds to make them dangerous to our Nation and people should NOT own guns.

But how do we go about preventing that without infringing on our Constitutional rights to bear arms???

It seems to be a NO WIN situation which leaves us at a constant impasse.

I pray for all living things for safety and for protection.

As long as there are evil people on this planet evil will continue.

Please always love your family and friends. Make disagreements short ones/settle them as soon as possible.

Hug your loved ones; tell them you love them every encounter you have...because you never know when it might be the last opportunity you’ll ever get to do so.

I send you/everyone my love ♥️ my hugs 🤗 and my healing protective prayers 🙏.

EJ 😊🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

Thank you, honeybug for your heart felt and spirit lifting response.

I regret and can only imagine the long ranging effects of the trauma you experienced as a young person so excited to be graduating in two days.

What you expressed is my deepest concern for the children who experience close at hand violence.

While all are combating the stressors caused by the pandemic, students, disrupted by Covid restrictions for school and other activities, will suffer from this in ways we are only now beginning to recognize and address.

I so agree that we must do all in our power to affirm one another, encourage those needing medical treatment to seek it and above all never again take for granted the gift of each day we have.

Just read Boulder's previous effort to limit the violence but failed:

I totally agree. That news article is basically what Michiganders have tried to do here too without success.

I think that every gun owner/future owner should have to take a FEDERALLY mandated psychological test which is repeated with their gun license renewal. This way the mentally ill and those with impending dementia/Alzheimer’s would be denied ownership/licenses.

It works in my head just fine...but I’m sure it’d fail in reality.

My mother tried to shoot/kill my dad during one of her drunken/drug laden binges to which I witnessed it all take place. I was about 5 or 6 at the time.

I don’t like guns. Was against my hubby getting one.

However as strongly as I’m against guns myself I would get one and fight/die defending this Country which I love beyond measure.

So once again what is the answer???

It’s mind boggling that humans can erase another’s life as if it had no more meaning than a penciled dot on paper.

Life is so precious our souls are the most valuable thing we own.

I wish I could protect everyone from all evil.

The best I can do is pray for all which I do daily.

Keep in touch sweetie.

My virtual arms are around you and your family. Extending my love and best wishes for all things good and continued safety all the days of your lives.

Much love and prayers sweetie.

EvaJo aka EJ 🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊

Eva, I so agree with what you wrote. How utterly regrettable that you witnessed a shooting in your family at such a very young age. My heart goes out to you.

While I am afraid of guns, like you, I do respect the right of individuals to protect themselves from harm.

I do not know what it will take to bring this country to outlaw assault weapons but until restrictions on buying them happens, senseless deaths will continue.

Thank you for your comforting, supportive post. Would that all of us could live in good health and safety.

Bless you hun.

I pray that you and yours will continue to be protected from all evil and harm.

I’m here for you.

Take care and stay safe.

EJ ♥️🙏🕊 was to horrendous to contemplate,absolute horror.I fear America will never give up their right to bear arms,and that is a sad indictment of US law,what was then and what is now is entirely different,to be able to buy a gun freely fills me with dread.I loath violence and killing in any form,and while we in the UK do have knife crime i am so relieved that guns are hard to come by.

My thoughts and comfort go out to you.

Secrets 22, Thank you so much for your compassionate response.

Like you, I abhor violence in any form and used to be in awe reading that the London police did not carry guns. This was years ago but I still remember thinking how amazing it was that your great country managed to police/protect the citizenry without guns.

No unfortunately, that's true.

I wanted to say exactly what secrets22 has said!Thoughts are with you and your family xx

Leo60, your kind response, along with others who have posted, has really helped calm and bring me more peace.

My sincere thanks to you and all who responded to this most recent travesty in the U.S.

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