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These 2 get me out of the house twice daily during isolation

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we wander the empty streets, occasionally nodding and saying hello to a fellow dog walker

it's nice to have company and they do keep me active even on my non-run days

The one on the left is my big male (37kg) called Indy and the one of the right is the smaller (26kg) female called Rosie. We've had them 18 months, they are greyhound rescues who would otherwise have been killed.

It's been a bit of an adjustment as they had low "social" experience - very gentle and friendly, but no experience of living in a house, can't do stairs (which keeps them off my bed) and had trouble with our bay window at first (I stuck stickers on it to help them not run into it).

They love the sofa (and chewing on shoes) but they are such lovely gentle souls that we forgive them most things.

20 Replies
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They are gorgeous, have a good weekend and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

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backintime in reply to Damon1864

Thank you, you have a cutie there on your avatar too.

enjoy your weekend

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They are lovely, thank you for posting. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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They are so beautiful. I’m glad you can get out with them. 🐕

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Such beautiful dogs and thank goodness you rescued them. Xxxx

They're lovely dogs aren't they?

Are they spoilt?

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not badly - they are maybe overly loved, but they don't get food from the table or given our food

they do however get to go on the sofa and if they come demanding a fuss and cuddles, they usually get it :D

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Our elderly ginger tabby called baby is spoilt!

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sounds like he deserves it

elderly animals deserve a bit more love

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Nothing better than a dog photo to brighten our day. They are absolutely lovely🐕🐕

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backintime in reply to Buddy34

I love a good pet pic :D

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They look like angels BIT😍

They are lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have them in your life...

Take care😘xxx

What beautiful dogs, and so wonderful that you have found each other.

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They're beautiful ! It's heartbreaking what happen to greyhounds. These are happy fellows. Thanks for sharing this.

Oh look at those two darlings! What joy they must bring you, and especially at the moment. A great reason to be following advice and taking some safe walks in the fresh air! I love them!

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MidoriVisually impaired

I'm hoping to rescue a couple of Greyhounds or whippets soon, now I've moved.

I can't have a tiny dog, I have poor eyesight; It would be a trip hazard for me and dangerous for the dog.

I'm used to big dogs, but I couldn't manage one nowadays with the Fibro, and not being good on my legs.

Couch potato hounds will be just the job!

Cheers. Midori

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backintime in reply to Midori

They are gorgeous dogs - just don't forget to ask about their prey drive if you adopt one - I found out the hard way

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Beautiful pups... we have a whippet hound mix. Sweetest, loving dog. Like you we learned the hard way how quick they are😆 My husband calls him the fastest couch potato.

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backintime in reply to melbrown

yes, they are very very quick :) until they're not lol

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Beautiful dogs....and so glad you rescued them.x

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