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Ignition (Poetry)


The truth shall set you free.

If I may say, today I pray

For you

And for me

That everything change

For the better

Not worse

Lets lay it all down now

Lets lay it all out now

No need to fear

Vulnerability is near

I am happy about how things are going

Just now

Enjoying the moment

Just now. Just now.

I can breathe again

Seal this dear Lord.

In Jesus name. Amen.

(Photo not owned by me).

3 Replies

Dear Princesa_100,

I have only just 'Found', your Lovely Post! I don't know HOW I managed, to 'miss', such a beautiful Sentiment!

I wrote, a Poem, the other day expressing a different idea....

Snow Falling Down,

On the Town,

Falling Down,

On The Town,

Not a Sound,

Falling down,

All Around,

On The Town,

Falling Down.

It even works, read 'Backwards'. Clearly, the weather, outside was FOGGY...Not at all Snowing and getting 'Caught', in our security Cameras....Nothing like that!

I don't think that I 'know' you Princesa_100 and, you being such a Poet, Perhaps I should. There is another person Poemsgalore1, with whom I have communicated, but (s)he tells me that (s)he doesn't write Poetry, as often, now. I 'Bumble' On, Writing this and that. Finding a Silly Rhyme, when I have the Time. Sometimes feeling a right Twit, when 'everything' is all....erm WRONG!

Anyway, it's getting Late now...So I'll say That It's Time, to end my Merry Old Rhyme and Go To Bed, and Rest My Head.

Thank you, for sharing, your beautiful thoughts Princesa.


Princesa_100 in reply to AndrewT

Andrew, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the poem I wrote. It means alot to me that you liked it, because those words came out of me and are a part of me. Its like ones spirit on paper. Anyway, your poem is very impressive considering you can say it reverse. Now that is art! Lets be friends!

AndrewT in reply to Princesa_100

Dear Princesa_100,

I'm glad, that you, liked my poem too- Praise indeed, from such a Poet! I could try to Come Up With, a poem, about Friendship but....it's 8:45am and I'm having breakfast. A rather Good Ginger Preserve, from Asda....I do recommend it.

I'm off to my 'Club' today, it's Headway- the Brain Injury Charity- Actually. I have been going there for years and years and years and years an...… A 'quick one' that isn't mine....Mary had a Little lamb, her Father shot it Dead, and now it goes to school with her, between two lumps of bread.

Anyway, as you say, Let's be Friends, Beautiful Poet.

Warmest wishes


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