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Oh Deary Me, I've don It Again!


For some days now, I've been missing, my scissors a, quite frankly, Bl..dy nuisance! About two hours ago I was putting on a 'Wash', cursing that I would have to Use A Knife, to open the Limescale Tablet. As I was putting, the washing, into the machine, I dropped a sock. As I reached down, for it...….I FOUND my scissors!!! I must have drooped them, the last time, I did a Wash. What am I like? I'll tell you, absolutely Delighted, that's what! They are a 'lovely' pair of, easy to use- nice and sharp, scissors and they weren't cheap either. (They had actually dropped into the box, with the Vacuum parts in, and, being black handled, were. not easy to see.)

Anyway a bit of Good News, for a change.


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