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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation
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Wow, FINALLY, some relief!


I suppose it HAD to happen eventually....I have had, about four 'Soft' poos today! I don't know what, has caused, this- actually I don't care, it's a f..king Miracle! Have eaten anything 'different'? No not that I can recall. Have I eaten (Very 'yucky') fruit, or Veg? Not if I can help it, ugggg! Have I taken a Laxative? Well no more than Normal. Have I 'Fingered' my Bum? Yes but I always do that! Maybe it was the Chilli, it must have Irritated my guts- yes, that's it....Must be. I know you will ALL tell me to eat Fruit (maybe even Vegetables) but HONESTLY YUCK, very much so!

I'll 'take' the relief, whilst I've got (sh)it.


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