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Walking over broken bridges


I hope you're all well! This is my first time posting in this particular forum on health unlocked and I'm not sure if it's ok to post this here... hope I don't offend anyone I just need to let off I think.

So I have Aspergers syndrome, borderline personality disorder aka eupd, anxiety, fibromyalgia, eds hypermobility, facets syndrome, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, ibs, asthma, hayfever and anaemia! I seem to flare up all at once at the moment especially as I live in a part of the UK with a particularly high pollen count at the moment. I've recently moved area following a brief experience of homelessness. I'm lucky to have my own place which is all ground floor and level access and I know I should be grateful but am still struggling. I don't have many friends or family to support me so I've been trying to reach out to old friends. It feels like trying to cross a broken bridge. People who knew me pre-conditions and don't understand what I'm going through. How do you make new friends when you don't work or study or have the energy to go out, let alone the confidence to go anywhere alone? It's like I've been given a cake but don't have the ability to eat it. I have this opportunity new area better access for my health but I've been alone for so long I don't know how to talk to people. Which means my anxiety sucks and my pain sucks and I just don't feel like trying to befriend old friends is actually going to work and I'm willing to start building new bridges but how do I start?

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Hi sorry to hear this. You would be better off posting this is one of the depression and/or anxiety sites. You will get more replies there.

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Just start. In fact you already have. Hello there. I am new here too. Welcome. I hope you enjoy the jokes. I certainly do.