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Fasting from Facebook!

Well, I've been down in the dumps, lately, bcs I'm having neck surgery on 1 Feb.

I figured out that part of the reason why I'm soo anxious and down has a lot to do with being on FB so much bcs I really can't do much cause the mobility of my neck is not good at all.

Plus, there is this guy I really like on FB and he's working really hard to get back on his feet bcs of some problems he had last year.

Well, he works with a lot of women and he posts pics of him and his women coworkers and puts them on FB. They are just pics of him working with them. And I get soo jealous. Which is ridiculous of me!

So I decided to deactivate my Facebook account/profile and take a mental break from it all. I just get myself all worked up over nothing.

I get soo jealous and I don't know why!

How can I train myself to have confidence in myself and not get jealous? I never used to get this way.

And if I text him and I don't get a reply, I get soo anxious and figure he just doesn't want to talk me. Yet later I will text him and he replies. Or he will end up replying to my first text, later, or he will initiate a text conversation later telling me he was busy. Which I find out later that he really was busy working.

How can I get my self esteem back up?

When I was a child, my mom used to put me down all the time and one time she even told me that I wasn't her child bcs of something I didn't do to her satisfaction.

I really like this guy and I've known him for years. But for some reason, I was never attracted to him like this until this past July when I had a chance to spend a good amount of time together and that we have many things in common. I got to know him better.

Anyway, I thought that if I didn't see pics of his on FB. That I wdnt act soo jealous.

I need to teach myself how to have that confidence and self esteem again.

Any suggestions on how to get those two things back, would be greatly appreciated!


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Hello Tall , I happen to be short , have to look up to everyone. I was wondering why your guy posts pictures of himself with other women on FB ? Once or twice , but more suggests something else is going on . Is he trying to build up his own self esteem or make you jealous ? Self esteem has to be earned for instance set a goal and achieve it, then set another and so on. It doesn't matter what the goal is, but it should take some effort. I wonder if both of you are having the same issue maybe you should talk to each other., Pam