Action for happiness?

Well I've dipped into this site hoping to find lively discussion and a sharing of ideas etc around helping to make our respective worlds happier but 90% of the content reads as if it should have been posted on the Action for Depression page - is there confusion around what the purpose of this site is or am I looking for the site to offer something not in it's remit?

One of my own personal 'actions' for happiness has, since October, been keeping an intermittent 'Gratitude log' where at the end of the day I physically write down 10 things/events/interaction etc for which I am grateful for. A typical log may read:

Thank you for my job.

Thank you for the listening ear of Dr Jones today who really understood what I was trying to explain.

Thank you for the parking space that was empty when I got to the car park - thank you

Thank you for last nights sleep

Thank you for my being able to pay my bills

Thank you for the love and friendships in my life

Thank you for the sunny weather today

Thank you for a low fatigue day

Thank you for my fresh salad lunch ... Mmmmm just right in the sunshine!

Thank you for the chatter and laughter I've shared today

Thank you :)

There are times when I don't want to write it but these are the times I get the most returns from the activity and there are stretches of time I don't physically need to write it down as I am remembering to say my silent thank yous as I go through my day.

The process has helped me be a more grounded and positive person and thus helps me contribute to a more positive environment whilst having a positive effect on my daily health for sure. I am no longer drawn into those negative moanfests which seem to grow out of nowhere and suck the energy out of a soul. Now I don't really hear the moanfests - because they no longer happen or because they no longer gain my attention/focus/energy? Who knows but life is definitely less intense and sluggish without them.

All the best


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  • Really enjoyed Reading your post I suffer with depression but class myself as a positive depressive I have been to the dark place and my plan is never to go back.

    There are times I feel on the edge but knowing my warning signs and having a support network is making me not beat but manage this depression that takes hold.

    I have been doing #100happydays for the second time and like you say don't always feel like it but even on the darkest days finding one thing that made me smile always pulls me round

    Keep up your Action for Happiness I plan to


  • Hi I also suffer from anxiety and depression but try very hard to work with the talking therapy people who help me. The fact that this service is available is imperative to me staying calm and able to cope with life's little battles.

    I too write - my thoughts - my beliefs - my worries - and this helps me to look through the darkness and see some good.

    a site like this is a pleasant surprise. We all have issues and an ability to cope in some situations - but I don't want to focus on the bad. When asked what I wanted at the start of my therapy I said - I just want to smile! And guess what I can now - next step - to laugh till I wet myself !!!!! Ha x

  • Hi Ali... I had the same idea you mention! I also got confused when reading the posts. I am looking for ideas to live happiness with more consciousness... I do not write a list like yours but thinking on 3 special moments of my day every night when I go to bed has helped me to enjoy simple things. Sometimes I think on being with people, sometimes I just enjoy the hot coffee I had in the morning, etc... It is a wonderful moment to realise how blessed I am... Before this excercise I used to ask for "help" or "improvement" cause it was easier to think on black rather than white... Thinking while falling asleep makes you feel, smell, or taste the good thing again!!!!