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I’m new here

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Hello everyone,

I’m new here after searching the internet for ages just to find something that I can do NOW to help myself.

I have had PND for nearly 2 years now, but only truly recognised it about a year ago and have been on medication since then too.

I’m on the waiting list for counselling but as you probably all know, it’s a long list.

So, just a hello really!

And wondered if anyone in particular has any tips to share?

Thanks x

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Welcome to the site!

It’s really positive you’ve recognised you have pnd and are taking positive steps in your recovery. do you mind me asking what were your symptoms and how they started? How do you feel you’ve been getting on since taking meds? Are you getting any other support?

For most ladies suffering from Pni (we call it illness as opposed to depression as there can be many other symptoms like anxiety, physical symptoms, low self esteem etc)the road to recovery involves lots of ups and downs which can be incredibly hard and can take longer than expected.

Regarding tips , having support , testing when you can, exercise , relaxing and things like ‘me’ time can all go a long way to helping during the recovery journey . Happy to go into more details with you!

I got Pni after my second child now 14 yrs ago. It knocked me for 6 and I’d never experienced anything like it! At times I felt I’d never recover but I did and so will you x


Hi Primrose,

That’s so great that you have recognised that you need support! Like you it took me a while to recognise it but once I got the help it made such a difference! Have you gone through the GP for counselling? I know local to me the children’s centres also offer counselling so it could be worth looking into and whether it has a shorter waiting list. Health visitors can also offer listening visits at your house. I found this really useful and you can always request a different health visitor if you don’t have a great relationship with yours. Mine was really fab at talking to me! A friend of mine also did counselling through a local charity and only had to make a donation of about £15 a time.

With regards to what you can do in the meantime practically I found it really useful to force myself through the motions. I used to make myself do at least one task a day like a bit of housework or washing to give me focus. I used to find the days hardest when I was on my own so I made sure I always had a plan of what we were going to do whilst my husband was at work. Made myself go to lots of groups - at first it was really hard but it slowly got easier until eventually I actually enjoyed them!

What symptoms are troubling you the most? X

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