Hello everyone am new here and would really appreciate some help as am suffering from dizziness and unsteadiness when walking since the past 5 weeks now,I had my baby last year in august but he was a still born he was a full term baby,but I guess god will it was,but now I have this problem going on for 5 weeks I have had a MRI blood test done all normal except my thyroid is a little bit high which is why the dr thinks the dizziness is because of that but she said she wasn't too sure about it.i wanted to know if anyone else has this and have they diagnosed what is it.it will really be very helpful as am getting scared now.

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  • Sorry to hear about what you have been through. I know for a fact dizziness can be due to anxiety and depression, but having a thyroid issue might also be the source, did you do a full panel tests for thyroid? Try not to worry as it will make the dizziness worse, be optimistic and I am sure you will better so soon.

  • Just general blood test for iron and all the vitamins and thyroid dr said to wait 1 month more to see if gets better.

  • OK then this seems reassuring, hope you will start feeling better soon and recover completely even before the month is over ;)

  • Hello and welcome

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I had some sort of dizziness amongst other physical symptoms - it was a bit like being on a boat. My thyroid levels were normal, although I do know thyroid imbalances can cause symptoms including depression. Is dr going to treat the thyroid issue with meds? Or will you be retested? Also did the dizziness coincide with particular stress? X

  • Its just been 2 days I hv started the thyroid medicine and the dizziness medicine but with the dizziness medicine it becomes worse dr is dying we will watch 1 month more on this then we will see what todo if it is not ok till Then it's freaking me out as to I dnt know what todo

  • Please don't freak out and don't think that way, just think of this moment and have hope that with the medication you will be better, if you like you can do meditation or EFT tapping, they really do help, and I am quite sure you will be OK soon.

  • Thank u so much for the calming words am really grateful 😌

  • And one more thing I am on birth control pills as well since the past 6 months do u think they can cause it too?

  • This same dizziness I am having, do you know what is the cause? And any advice to recover from it?

  • Mine the dr said is coz of thyroid

  • Hey rocky sry I did not reply to ur question yes as a matter of fact the day before when this dizziness began me n my husband we had a very bad argument and I was shattered I cried a lot that evening and was totally exuasasted stressed a lot with it and the next morng this started since then its been 3 months the dizziness has not gone

  • I hate to admit but my dizziness and strong pulse also started after having many big arguments with my husband and crying all night just like you said, I guess the sadness and disappointment we had were the main reason behind the chemical changes in our brains that led to the symptoms we are still having, I hope we all get better soon for the sake of everyone.

  • How are you doing Sneha77?

  • Hi am still dizzy and feel unbalanced when I walk I was in birth control pills my dr has told me to get off them and see for a month they maybe causing it too but I really dnt know what's wrong with me and its started to scare me now

  • Am a bit better after stopping the pill but the dizziness is still very much there

    Sry for late reply rocky

  • Try not to worry too much. It sounds as if you've had lots of tests which I think would have shown something serious. Maybe it is the pill? There could be lots of causes. My brother got really bad dizziness after a flight - after several months and exercise (and tests) it went only to return after another flight. It looks like there's a condition called mal dembarquement which you can get after long haul flights! Sorry I'm digressing and do understand how hard it must be coping with the dizziness . Fingers crossed there's a solution soon - maybe try a little exercise? X

  • Thanks a lot Rocky appreciate ur advise makes me feel a bit better,my dr has stopped my birth control pills and it's been more than a week but some days it's very bad and some days it's better so really don't know what's wrong it just makes me feel depressed and I have been through a lot in these 3 years my mom passed away 2 years ago and my son last year so really I am so fed up with myself.

  • I took epidrol when I was in labour could that be a reason too?

  • As a matter of a fact, I read an article about epidural increasing the chances of having PPD, so it might be in addition to other things behind your PNI.

  • Sry but what's ppd and Pni?

  • PPD postpartum depression, PNI postnatal illness

  • Ok I did not know the full form of these but I have heard these can cause a lot of problems what are the remedies for these?

  • Usually talking therapies, lifestyle changes, and or medication (antidepressants). Often this can lift overtime x

  • How are you? What's epidrol? Another lady on here thinks her dizziness is caused by an epidural - I remember one of the risks though rare was leakage of spinal fluids. I think this could cause dizziness and headaches but apparently for a few days only.

    Have you noticed any effects after stopping the pill? X

  • Hi rocky yeah I have noticed a bit of difference after stopping the pill I feel less depressed and less anxious now but a little worried as am on no birth control and use no protection as just the pull out method I hope I don't get pregnant at this stage.

  • As recommend by Rocky 77 please use other methods, I got pregnant with my second one that way, I don't want to scare you off but I know exactly how it feels when you get pregnant and you don't want to.

  • Yeah it worries me too much I am trying to use condoms but it gives me iching hope n pray I dnt get pregnant

  • Yes it was me who had the epidural

    And they created a spinal leak

    It's all the symptoms you've stated

    15 weeks on I'm still suffering

    Now going for an epidural blood patch Friday to see if it'll help

    I also suffer from visual effects

    Feel like I'm floating

    Diazepam only thing that's helped

    I stopped them last week and over the weekend m back to square 1, depressed

    Head fog etc

    I feel your psin

  • Sry to hear tht dear but I know how it feels thanks for ur advice n help

  • Hi great to hear you're feeling better in yourself . Re birth control could you see the dr from advice as the withdrawal method can be risky! Perhaps condoms? All the best x

  • Yeah I will thanks a lot rocky

  • Might be worth checking out whether it's actually the condom. Apparentlythe ones with nonocyl 9 can cause irritation or it might be an yeast infection or something similar. I'd get advice from drx

  • Thanks for ur reply dear no its just thr a little while after using it and then it goes away

  • Have you had any counselling? Maybe you have this pent up grief, sadness and stress. You have been through such an ordeal - hormonal you've had a baby and hormones can do strange things to women x

  • Hey rocky thanks for ur reply no I haven't been to a counselor I really dnt know what todo at this stage as my dizziness went away. Again today its back the same way am going to my dr tmrw as am due for a blood test to check the thyriod

  • I think I replied elsewhere to you?

    I've found with PNI the physical as well as emotional symptoms come and go so maybe it's relating to that. Let us know how you get onx

  • Yeah it could be that cause my dr said tht am depressed also and I got my blood test done again yesterday for my thyroid n all others and I got pregnancy test also done cause I have not got my periods I was suppose to get them today but they are late maybe I have gone off the birth control pills after 7 months but it's killing me to think if I get pregnant now I won't be able to cope with it,

  • Was the pregnancy test negative?

    Maybe consider counselling especially if you're depressed. Talking can really help and you might find that there's a lot of suppressed emotions given everything you've been through.

    I lost a baby at 19 weeks - it was such a devastating experience . I started to get depressed after a couple of months. It was as if the adrenaline of having the baby (or hormones) kept me ok for a couple of months but after that I got quite low.

    Hang on in there x

  • I can imagine losing a child is so painful.the pregnancy test at home was negative am waiting on the lab test results hope am not pregnant as I have just got back to work n dnt want to leave work n sit at home n go thru all of tht again am scared of getting pregnant again although my dr said its the pills tht are delaying the periods well I hope it's the pill will let u know as I get the lab results.

  • Hi rocki I spoke to my dr and he said the pregnancy test is negative which gives me totally relief and the thyriod is normal but told me to continue the meds for it and the dizziness is coz of the unbalanced hormones that's wat he said am really relived today after getting the reports all back as normal.thanks for supporting me am glad I joined this group cheers to all the ladies😘

  • Glad you're feeling relieved - onwards and upwards x

  • Yeah Vicky thank u so much for being a support to me in the way u have been god bless u

  • I know how hard it is - it's a terrible illness but even at the toughest moments try to believe you'll get through it - I did x

  • How are you now lovely?

  • Hi thanks for asking lsorsa am better after leaving the birth control pills but I have not got my periods since I left them last periods I got on was 26th march that time I was in the pill but after that I did not get them so a bit worryed in that but otherwise the dizziness is less it is thr but less so I really dont know why is it still thr?

  • How many weeks post natal are you now? My dizziness is less too but still there in fact it's more light headed and off balance more than anything ears very muffled and brain fog

  • Am now 9 months postpartum and yeah off balance I also feel

  • How are you Sneha? Are you feeling any different in yourself? X

  • Hi rocky I was better for 2 days when went to Canberra but when I came back home the dizziness came back I dnt know what is wrong with me I have started to feel low again

  • Maybe subconsciously your trip away was like escaping from the illness - you were probably distracted , having fun. A return home is coming back to it all. Big hugs - it's positive you've had a break from it all. Unfortunately ups and downs are a horrible but normal part of PNI and actually show you're recovering x

  • Yeah I think too rocky and it's not medical stuff it's mentally I hope it gets better soon am so over it

  • How are you Sneha? X

  • Am gud thank u how r u?

  • Things better? I'm ok...tired....x

  • Yeah things better though just getting along with life

  • That sounds positive x

  • Yeah trying to be

  • Hello guys yesterday my vertigo came back with a bang very bad hardly could stand I was sick day before night with diarrhea n the next day did not have much to eat so this vertigo came back horrible it was as it was so dffclt to walk or stand could it be coz of not eating much for a full day?

  • Sorry I've just seen this. I don't seem to get notifications anymore. How are you feeling? Sounds as if you had a bad bug which maybe was the cause for the worsening dizziness. I hope it's lessened for youx

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