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Bowen Therapy - a type of light massage. Has anyone benefited from this in the treatment of PMR?

I was diagnosed with PMR in December 2012. My GP started me on 20mg Prednisolone and am currently on 12.5mg which seems to be working. He is a gem of a doctor who rings me on a fortnightly basis to assess the situation and at that time decides on the next dosage. I am free to ring the surgery if I feel unwell or am experiencing any side effects. He will then call me back and discuss. So far, so good., Things are going in the right direction. I have only ever experienced pain/stiffness in the shoulders and arms so am grateful for that as I understand it can also affect the pelvis, thighs etc.

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Hi! What an amazing doctor you have! Never heard the like in our neck of the woods! Make the most of him! I have been on pred. for 5 years or more and it comes and goes - I think stress has a big part in it as it seems to get worse when I have a lot going on in my life - worst when my mother and husband died in a month of each other, and my face blew up like a balloon, which made every one think I was really very well - bonny in fact!!

However, I go regularly to Bowen Therapy and find it very helpful - whether it is because it is so relaxing and helps my painful back or whether it is because it helps the PMR, I am not totally sure, but I do find it a great help in general - like you I have only had pain/stiffness in my top arms/shoulders, which means it could be worse!! I find the Bowen therapists know a lot about the body and are worth trying!

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Hello Benedicta. Thank you so much for your prompt response. It was most helpful. I find this PMR thing most bizarre. It struck me "out of the blue" last December. I had not been "unwell" in any way; I was not stressed in any way; in fact quite the reverse - as my husband and I are newly retired and we are enjoying the freedom that that brings. So to suddenly be "attacked" in this way was quite traumatic. Since being prescribed Prednisolone, I have been relatively pain free which is wonderful. However, the length of time that it will take for PMR to possibly "burn itself out" freaks me out a little. Also, the possible side effects of steroids is a little worrying, although to date, I have had no side effects thank goodness. Your comments re Bowen Therapy are welcome and I may well give it a try. My GP is not averse to complimentary medicine and he said "give it a go". If I could run the traditional and complimentary in tandem in an effort to reduce the Prednisolone to as low a dose as possible, that would be great. Yes, my GP is quite amazing! It is re-assuring to have that "life line". I am new to this website and I have been reading the various blogs and I must say it concerns me that reading some of the entries, there are some people who seem to decide the Prednisoline dosage themselves - increasing and decreasing as they feel fit. My GP has said only to take the dosage as he instructs and under no circumstances should I increase or decrease the dose unless he prescribes the dosage himself. Because it is such a powerful drug, I would not dream of changing the dose myself without speaking to my GP. Thanks again.


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