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Backache and other bugbears

I am going for a blood test today and have a GP appointment next week. As the CRP was too high last time I am hoping for a substantial reduction this month. But my back and hips are aching inexplicably. I haven't been doing anything too strenuous - or strenuous at all - only a little light pruning in the garden. And there's the tendonitis that's making me reluctant to walk.

Sorry not to be my usual up-beat self today, but feeling a bit sorry for myself today.

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Hi,have been suffering really bad backache in the last few weeks 24/7 until last week and then managed to get some sleep can not wait to go to bed just to get rid of the pain,my CRP was 2 but my ESR was 25 and that is not good,so doc upped the steroids,feel like I am falling to bits the last few weeks.sorry but I too am feeling a bit sorry for myself.

my back is so painful its quite crippling,the only thing I have done to day is take the dogs out,and sweep my dinning room floor with a soft light brush.



My ESR was OK but my CRP was 24 which is a good deal too high. Hope today's test shows an improvement.

I have acquired a new lightweight vacuum cleaner because couldn't cope with even a small cylinder one.


Hi Anno,

Sorry to hear you're having a bad time - me too though for about the past 3 weeks. Why? Well my symptoms were rather like yours - tendons aching all over, including my hips and legs. Veins in my right leg were in a very bad state - they really hurt and I had to bandage my ankle and knee to give support. In short my body seemed to be full of inflammation. There was one other symptom - a sore throat which seemed to come and go and , also a bit of a runny nose------ and I felt very tired. I wonder if I had a virus and it's full extent was being masked by the 8mg of pred I am taking plus the ibuprofen I was throwing down in a desperate attempt to feel well again.

Today, I woke up feeling very much better - not much discomfort and energy levels back to normal. I even cleaned my kitchen windows, outside as well. I hope I haven't over done it!



wonder if its something to do with the weather (ie the cold and damp) or a bug... I've had problems with (apparently) bursitis in my hip, toothache (which started the day following my routine checkup!) tummy cramps/diorreha (sorry can't spell it!) My right wrist hurts, as does my right shoulder ... but last time I had my bloods checked (10 days ago) everything was fine.

All I can say is keep on keeping on ... :)


And here as well. I live in France, surrounded by snow, and neck, shoulder and hip pains have returned since the cold weather arrived in November. I also have to work in the winter as we run a small chalet business so may be the cold and making beds etc are the problem and not the PMR which I was told had gone into remission. I have been trying to keep to a 1mg maintenance programme since September (took Pats' and Kate's advice in an earlier exchange) but wonder if I am going to have to go up a mg or two. I have an appointment with the rheumy in May. I sympathise with everyone when symptoms return.


Too all who are having back pain, etc. I feel for all of you, I too had horrible back pain, until I went to a Physical Therapist, she worked wonders. I HIGHLY recommend a visit to a PT, I went 2-3 times a week for approx. 7 weeks.

Hope we all start to feel Better!

( I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me!)



Hi Brevon,Ritter here.I don't think its to do with the cold as I was out the other day and it was freezing even the dogs were cold but I was fine, but my back has improved with the 5mg increase I started on the 6/February it took 2/5 weeks to improve so the last few days its been a lot better,

I too thought it was to do with cold but as say I don't think it is.I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis this week so am at docs next Wed to get some sort of treatment will let you all know what he says,I presume it will be that once a week pill Alendronic oh my god,I wonder what the odds are of getting a hole in your stomach from it or even getting it stuck in your gullet.could be worrying about nothing,well girls havnt said Hello to pats Hi pats sad to hear you too have had a bad time lately, you are my hero so get better soon. Ritter,chickens are fine dogs have been poorly with upset tummy's for a couple of days but OK now. by everyone


Sorry to hear about the osteoporosis, Ritter. I have Strontium Ranelate because I can't take the Alendronic Acid, due to an unrelated reflux problem.


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