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Rheumy appointment

Hi everyone

Well today I have been to see a rheumy. I did actually see this chap 2yrs ago with my painful hands but got discharged as he could not find anything wrong.

He obviously read my notes before I went in as the first thing he said was " I should never have discharged you should I?"

He asked lots of questions as did I. He prodded and poked and then asked me to lift my arms above my head. I said "you are joking aren't you" lol

Any long story short, I was sent for xrays and more bloods and was given a steroid injection.

Diagnosis...........................rheumotoid arthritis big time. He said cos he had not given me treatment 2yrsa go it has hit me like an express train and attacked every part of me which in turn has mimicked PMR.

I have been given Methotrexate 10mg to start upping to 20mg with in a month plus folic acid.

bloods every 2 weeks. next week drop the pred to 15mg then see the special nurse in 2 months to get off the pred.

Not sure how I feel, got to get my head around it all

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How very frustrating for you - it must seem as though you are now starting out on a whole new journey. Because there are no tests available that confirm PMR, I thought it is usually arrived at by a process of elimination such as the rheumatoid factor blood test to eliminate rheumatoid arthritis. It seems as though this wasn't done in your case, but you are not the only person I've come across who has had this experience.

I'm sure you feel quite confused just now but I'm also sure that you will, as you say "get your head around it all", just as you have already done so valiantly with the original false positive diagnosis. Chin up - I wish you well.


Thanks Celtic

I am negative for the RA factor and also a test called the CCP was also negative hence the diagnosis of PMR and also the steroids working as my CRP went down from 24 to 14. Last week though it had shot back up to 25 so the rheumy said this was an indication that it was not PMR even though he said I was Polymyalgic which I assume means all over pain. I think my age also has some bearing on him saying it is not PMR. Personally I think I fit the bill for PMR more than RA. It is called Seronegative RA when the factor is negative.


Oh dear Sue it's even more confusing for you (and your Dr!) than I thought.

I can understand the confirmation of the initial diagnosis of PMR on the basis of "the steroids working as your CRP went down from 24 to 14" and that can cause confusion because steroids are often prescribed for, and relieve the symptoms of, rheumatoid arthritis as well!

I gather it's also possible for one disease to morph into another, plus it's also possible when suffering from one auto immune disease to pick up another, as happened to me a few years into PMR/GCA when Sjogren's Syndrome was diagnosed, then switched to a diagnosis of Mickulitz's Syndrome which eventually resolved. So you're not alone in causing confusion to the medical profession, Sue - I guess you can only "suck it and see" as the saying goes, and I do hope you will soon start to feel so much better.


Thank you.

I have done some researching and it does appear that pred is also prescribed for RA. I have no probs with the pred though lots say they do. I am a bit nervous about the Methtrexate. My eldest son takes it for AS and it made him really sick to start with that he had to come off for a while but now he is fine with it. I don't want to get rid of one ailment to get others in it's place. I don't start it til Monday so I suppose I will know soon enough.


Hi Sue8

All I can say is the best of luck. I hope things improve for you. I am confused most of the time so I dread to think how you feel being told one thing then another. Good luck for Monday starting new meds. I hope they have it right this time.



Thank you Adelle



The best of luck to you and your aches and pains.



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