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can i claim DLA for PMR and Osteoporosis

hi i suffred PMR 3 years ago which has resulted in me having Osteoporosis i was told that when i was given treatment for PMR i should have also been given medication for my bones as well as steriods i was taken off steriods a year ago and given a bone densty scan which reveled i have Osteoporosis only medication i get for this is adcal tablets which i could'nt take as they were the chewable type but have now been given the ones that dessolve in water

i was never refered to a speicalist after they said i had PMR and only since ( due to my daughter watching holby city ) did i find out that i should have refered

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Hi Nessa

I'm so sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. It is generally recommended that people on long term steroids should be prescribed calcium supplements to protect their bones. I experienced the same oversight, with my GP believing that my rheumy had prescribed it and vice versa. However, I have since discovered that calcium supplements would not have been a good idea for me due to another health problem, so it was a lucky escape! I was also lucky in that although I became osteopenic, so far it hasn't developed into osteoporosis.

If you have actually been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, I would have thought you should be prescribed a bisphosphonate and not just Adcal.

As to whether you can claim DLA, I imagine it would depend on how disabled you are from the effects of the osteoporosis - I guess the only answer is to contact Social Services.


hi Celtic

thank you for replying

thats what my doctors said i had when the results came back from my bone density scan came back but same as when i was told i had PMR at the hospital it has never been followed up by anyone

will ring social services and see what they say

thank you again


Nessa, DLA is awarded not on the basis of the condition you have but on the effect it has on you and the extent of your disability. It is getting harder and harder to get it and I predict that when the new PIP (Personal Independence Payment) comes in it will be a lot harder. There are two elements of DLA: Care and Mobility. Only available if you are under 65.I guess it's the Mobility element you would like to apply for. My advice is to contact your local Citizens' Advice Bureau. Advisers are experienced in filling in the relevant forms and can advise you on the best way to present your disability. Many people make light of it and so fail to get the allowance they really need. As you may have guessed, I am a CAB adviser.


thank you for replying i will make an appointment at my local cab


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