Raising money for support, awareness and research

Raising money for support, awareness and research

Don't worry, we're not going to do this all the time. But we just wanted to let you know that PMRGCAuk is now registered on Virgin Money Giving

We run the organisation on a shoestring (as you'll see if you read our annual report), but we really need to get serious now about fundraising so that we can fund more different ways of supporting people with GCA and PMR, but also mount a national (and international?) campaign to educate the public about the dangers of GCA so that vision loss through late diagnosis will become a thing of the past. Please help us in any way you can!

Here is a picture of Kate with Steve Ives, a member with PMR, whose team at work in the Decommissioning Group at Aldershot donated nearly £300 to PMRGCAuk when they won an award for having a month's perfect record for health and safety. Many thanks to Steve and the team!

You may have a young person in your family who would be interested in running a marathon or taking some other challenge to help PMRGCAuk. Please let us know!

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Kate I don't know if you have already used the local radio medium to spread the PMR and GCA word? If you haven't it may be worth a go. (I know someone who worked for a large charity and went on the local radio station and I believe had a good response).

I must admit before I was diagnosed with PMR I had never heard of it, let alone GCA. Perhaps I was the exception to the rule in not knowing about PMR/GCA but I doubt it.

Good luck with the fundraising.


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