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acid reflux

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i have terrible burps mostly afternoon and evening any advice what to take have had omeprazule doesnt work or nexium or gaviscon leaves horrible taste in my mouth and my chest hurts

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Think you might have been directed to the wrong forum -this is specifically for patients with PMR and/or GCA and are on steroids.. you don’t say you have either. Do you?

Whilst some do have reflux problems, we are not experts in that area -nor is it a general health forum. Perhaps you should look through the other communities to see if there is a more appropriate one.

But if you have chest pains you should be seeking medical advice.

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As i said on your other post - I'm sure there are far better forums to deal with your questions. I assume your chest pain has been ruled out as cardiac in origin?

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Those burbs can be a sign of different issues with the digestive system. They might even be your organism's reaction to certain foods you consume. So, I advise you to go through a proper health check-up.

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