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Do I need to up the preds

Hi all I would like a bit of advice from someone I have had PMR for 4 years most of the time its been in check with preds, however of recent weeks I have had various problems healthwise which I think have contributed to PMR not being controlled.Last autumn I had sciatica for 3 months which cleared up thankfully. I was getting along quite nicely until 2 weeks ago I stupidly did the splits in some mud whilst walking (not on purpose obviously) this resulted in pulled muscles in my groin area lots of pain and difficulty walking again.I have been taking cocodamol for the pain which I have had to stop because they make me feel sick. However the last couple of days I have felt like I have flu with terrible stuffed up head and also stiff painful shoulders. Is this PMR should I stop reducing preds which I have been trying to do I am at present on 8 1/2 a day reducing to 8 in near future. Wendy

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Hi Wendy. Sorry to hear of your mishap in the mud which sounded very painful. It made me cringe just reading about it. If I were you I'd get some advice from my GP rather than upping the pred. You might even have flu? Can you get a telephone consultation with the surgery? I know they are all busy at the moment. Good luck. Angela.


I have been to GPs who aren't any use when it comes to PMR they told me to take cocadomol and gave me some alnagesic cream. It might be flu but whats bothering me is the soreness in my shoulders which is classic PMR and I haven't had since before I was first diagnosed in2011

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Never reduce when you don't feel well - and a few of us are of the opinion that reducing in the winter isn't a good idea either!!!

It used to be standard practice to tell patients to INCREASE their pred to cover illness, trauma and stress. It's additional stress on your body and the adrenals would normally produce more to help it cope. This counts as trauma. Try a bit more for a few days - that might avoid a real flare and you'd feel better anyway. It may be flu not PMR - but either way, you need a bit more pred to avert trouble.


thanks Eileen


Hi Wendy

Sorry to hear about your accident in the mud. Just don't try it again! I've had flu recently and have had a lot of trouble getting rid of the stuffy head and breathing through my mouth makes me so thirsty! I'm back on 10mg at the moment because my GP was concerned about my CRP level, but my upper arms and shoulders are sore though I've been fairly free of pain for quite some time. Seeing the GP next week to discuss my latest bloods which seem to me to be reducing quite well again - CRP 22; ESR 27.


CRP goes up with respiratory infections - can be as high as 60 - it isn't THAT much more specific!


CRP is actually down from the last test when it was 35. Not particularly worried!


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