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Covid vaccine oxford


Hi all hope yr all well? I had my1st dose of oxford covid vaccine at 10.30 this morning about 11 hrs ago and side effects so far is about 2 hrs after headache started and had it all day so taking paracetamol and by 3pm the tiredness started so much so I been in bed sleeping for 6 hrs, just woke up and still got headache. Was supposed to have gone from 10mg to 9mg yesterday but on doctors advice and having vaccine today, it wouldn't hurt to stay on 10mg at moment,

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That sounds wise. I hope you feel better soon!

Thank you,

I was desperately tired with the Oxford vaccine and so was the nurse at our surgery who is in her twenties. A friend of mine slept for nearly twenty hours.

Karenwelsh in reply to piglette

I've slept for nearly 18 did wake for about hr last night had a drink parcetmol then back to sleep at least headache isn't as bad today, got bit of sore arm at needle point but nothing really, couldn't believe I'd slept for that long

piglette in reply to Karenwelsh

My arm has been tender for nearly two weeks. It is now very itchy. I think I might have had Covid with all the side effects I have had. My sister said it is probably the steroids! She must have been speaking to some doctors.

Hi Karen

No l wouldn’t reduce at the moment, there’s enough going on following your Vaccine, l had the AZ & was very tired following it but OK afterwards.

Keep up the paracetamol & plenty of fluids & hope you feel better soon 💐

Kind Regards


Karenwelsh in reply to MrsNails

I will thanks

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