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Hi all, nothing to do with what we normally post about and if admins remove it, then totally understand. Since posting on the forum I have been getting numerous emails from medical claims companies. I just wondered if others were getting the same? Not a complaint, because they are easy to delete/block, just interested.

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I've not had this problem at all.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Not sure it’s connected to forum - been here since the dark ages and don’t have problem.

More likely from another site you may have visited - have you purchased anything vaguely medical related online?

Bcol in reply to DorsetLady

No, you are probably right, but I've not bought anything vaguely medical online so its probably just coincidence which is good, as I said, its not a problem easily dealt with, just interesting!!


Mmmm- but what sort of searches did you do to find us?

I get dozens of email notifications from HU and have done for 7 years - have never had an email trying to persuade me to make a claim.

You do mean proper emails - not private messages on HU itself?

Bcol in reply to PMRpro

Yes proper e-mails. Should have added that none of the emails come through HU. I don't think I did any searches to find you, as far as I can remember it came from a link on the NHS PMR information. But, looking at the replies it seems fairly obvious that it is just coincidental. I'm happy to delete the post if it stops others feeling they need to reply.

No from me.

No nothing.....

Now Handbags 👜 & shoes 👠 is a different matter 😉


Anyway, slightly more on track I've managed to get to 15mg of Pred, well I will by Friday, all being well and next target is 13mg by middle/end of October, all things being equal of course, which in our case is very often not the case. But feeling fairly happy with progress so far.

HeronNS in reply to Bcol

Good luck! Even if that 2 mg taper works, perhaps 1 mg tapers from then on would be best? Particularly by 10 mg it can get trickier. But great that things are going well so far.

Particularly since the covid lockdown I've been getting lots of spam, it's usually very obvious so more of a nuisance than a threat. I think a lot of it stems from some of my passwords having been hacked (generally for sites I'd only used once or twice, you know the kind where you have to create an account to order something, or read something, that kind of thing). Deleting the accounts or changing the passwords does seem to have slowed down the amount of spam coming in. I usually get my browser to save passwords, but not for important accounts. Certainly nothing to do with HU, and my spam is usually some lie about UPS or PayPal, or trying to sell me gutter cleaning services or something. They only want us to click on the enclosed link, it doesn't matter what the thing is they are trying to sell you. In my case my on-line life must be a moving target because I get (or got before the password cleanup) a wide range of "tempting offers" none of which are particularly relevant to my life.

Bcol in reply to HeronNS

Hi, Regarding the taper, yes that was my plan. If I manage to get to 13mg at that point then definitely only at 1mg at a time but also understanding that might take longer as well. I don't feel there is any point in having a plan "set in stone" as we all know that it doesn't/is unlikely to work like that. It will take as long as it takes!!!

HeronNS in reply to Bcol

Good! :)

I'm currently at 1 mg, with every few weeks a little bump up by .5 or 1 mg. I did get to zero for a few weeks, but it became apparent after a while that this miniscule dose is still necessary for me. Hard to believe even half a mg can make a dfference, but there you are! I am no longer even trying to taper off again. Not for a while, anyway. Maybe if life ever gets to a post-covid normal I'll try again, but I think the changes in lifestyle caused by the semi-lockdown we elders are stuck in have not been good for me, so no point adding to the stress.

Bcol in reply to HeronNS

Sadly I can't see the outlook improving in the near future either.

Whippetygirl in reply to Bcol

From 15mgs I dropped 0.5mgs every two weeks hoping it would be gentler up to now this has worked.

Never had one ....


No problems here

Bicol Hi

If you receive emails or messages from a source you don’t recognize then don’t open it. Just delete it right away.

Opening emails from an unknown source , may lead to a virus 🦠 being installed onto your PC or mobile phone.

Just be very careful indeed. Better to delete those emails etc without viewing and not let curiosity get the upper hand.

YuliK. 😷


Bcol in reply to YuliK

Hi Yulik, thanks for the thought, but that is not a problem, as well as being a teacher of Technology and IT when I retired I ran my own computer company, so I am well up with how to deal with unwanted emails and stuff. I guess the arrival of this version of spam has just been coincidental, which is good.

YuliK in reply to Bcol

Bcol Hi again

I’m sure being into IT you can handle the invasion of the emails offense intended.

There are many people on this forum who don’t have your experience with spam and possible virus holding emails. I hope my little bit of advice will help them.

Keep safe.

YuliK 😷


Bcol in reply to YuliK

No offense taken at all. It was the right thing to say. Peter

Not had them

I look more things up and I think those medical sites might be the culprit.

No spam email for me thank goodness.

I haven’t had this issue

No., never been a problem for me. Went down to 10mg today but now, i know from past experience, the tapering has to be slower. next move is to 9.5 in 2 weeks time.

Hildalew in reply to Dambusters

Congratulations on getting down to 10. For me 10 was one of the sticking points. (but I am now down to 6) don't be downhearted if you find you need more than 2 weeks there before you can start to move successfully to 9.5.


Hi, I haven’t received anything and would suggest that this is just a coincidence. You haven’t been involved in an accident, car or otherwise, even as a passenger?

Bcol in reply to Hidden

No, like you I feel it is probably coincidence.

Hidden in reply to Bcol

Interestingly, I was once in the

Middle of the Atlantic crossing from The Bahamas via Bermuda to the U.K. and my wife mentioned that when we arrived in the Azores that she might go to a pharmacy to purchase some Buscopan. Soon as we neared the Azores and picked up a 4g signal, checked into the internet, first thing up was an advert for Buscopan. Google, Amazon are all listening!

Bcol in reply to Hidden

This is very true.

Never happened to me, blame Google it watches everything you do ....

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