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Staying productive and positive.

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Hi I have been trying to make each day count and stay positive although feel rough a lot of the time but can't do much for anyone else at the moment so have been knitting these Christmas knits for a cancer charity.

They fill these snowmen, Father Christmas's and Christmas puddings and sell them to make money for the charity. We usually say Christmas comes round too quickly but this year it is good to look ahead to the light at the end of this tunnel and hopefully by then we will all be able to enjoy it all the more.

We have had a letter to say we have to stay in for 12 weeks but we have been lucky getting deliveries even though it was 2.30. a.m to get one slot! We have a lovely garden to sit in and good family and neighbors helping us so very grateful for all the good things we have.

Thinking of you all and wishing you well. x

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Meant to say they fill them with chocolates!

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


They are adorable. You are clever!

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Sorop in reply to SheffieldJane

Have made 150 so far I may be unfit in most of my body but have the fittest fingers!

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Constance13 in reply to Sorop

I wish I had! I used to make very intricate Shetland pullovers which sold for £50. Now I can't even hold the needles for more than 15 minutes.😏

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Sorop in reply to Constance13

So sorry Constance it must be so frustrating not to able to do something that you obviously were very talented at. I used to love to garden but can do very little of that now hence the knitting instead PMR put paid to that.

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Lonsdalelass in reply to Sorop

They're lovely Sorop! So cute!

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diana1998 in reply to Sorop

Gosh.. That is brilliant!

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Sorop in reply to SheffieldJane

Just hope they will bring a little joy to some children at Xmas. x


I used to make them for Xmas Bazars when children where young but I have not seen the Xmas Puddings before.

I have a pattern for Angels and candy canes as well .

Keep up the good work I am making a Cardigan for my Grandson at present just got the wool before shops closed.

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Sorop in reply to Rose54

Yes the Christmas puddings are great, I always admire the people who have come up with the patterns. The angels and canes sound good. I have ordered the wool on line and the stuffing for the heads. Enjoy knitting the cardigan.

Oh so cute. They are gorgeous!

Thank you. x

How lovely, keep up the good work xx

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Sorop in reply to Tawnyowl1

Thank you. I am sitting in the sun knitting them, run the risk of the snowmen melting🤣 x

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Tawnyowl1 in reply to Sorop


They are adorable! 😄😄😄🌈🌈🌈

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Sorop in reply to York54


Love your Christmas knits - stay strong

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Sorop in reply to Daffodilia

Thank you. Doing the knitting or any craft at this time helps take ones mind off what is going on so it has helped me a lot. Knitting has also helped me ever since the PMR diagnosis but even more so now. Stay safe. x

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