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over the last 12 months I have tried 3 times to reduce from 6.5 to 6mg with no luck. I may have just done it! Tapered over one month, and I am now two weeks into 6mg every day with no adverse symptom recurrence. Hurray!

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Well done...good news indeed 🌷


Well done. Keep it slowx YBB


Good news! Keeping my fingers tightly crossed. 🤞👍

Great!! Fingers crossed.

.Answer to your question, yes I do. Well done and under all this stress as well, go easy.

That is great news x

Sometimes it just gives or clicks. I was like that at your stage! Happy days.

Good for you! In spite of everything!

Well done! That is great news.

Well done YOU! Sometimes it's easy to read posts like yours and think "Waah, Blub, I wish it could be ME!" but I think we are all on our individual journeys and we are all different.

So we rejoice with you and know that our time will come.

This thing cannot be hurried it has its own timeline and trying to rush it leads to back to where you started. Patience is the word.

We all wish you very well as you SLOWLY taper even lower!

Well done,that’s great news.💐

Take things easy and don t over do things

Me too!! Just completed 3 yrs PMR and really pleased. A few aches and pains and the old legs still rebel at going up any incline but apart from that not too bad😁💖

Good news. I’ve just dropped 0.5 mg today to 7mg. Fingers crossed. Last reduction I got pain in groin for 2 weeks. Stuck it out and then it went.. ..

Wonderful news!!! I'm at 8 mg. Wondering if my next taper should be to 7.5 and should I do that for 1 month, does that sound workable?

I would def do 0.5mg tapers from here on in. I did 0.5 taper from 12mg because I had been advised previously by my GP to go much faster....with rubbish results. Ended having to go back up to 15mg again in the end.

SOooo. 0.5 taper over a month or so using one of the slow tapers recommended on here. Nothing’s too slow if it works!

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