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Many, many thanks


Can I offer a great debt of gratitude to all who responded to my questions about fatigue for my assignment. I passed and am so relieved as I had really big flare due to Rheumy rushing me off steroids to quickly and it took its toll. I was told it was a challenge as I was looking at something no one else had and I had to agree as I was exhausted after it. So I now have a Post Graduate Degree in Vocal Pedigogy. Woohoo!! When I get my comments back I hope to tell you what the outcomes were. My next project is to look at motivation and fatigue and to look at how vocals in many forms have been invaluable to me. My findings will be fed back to Polymyalgia Rheumatica UK and NRAS and anyone else who will listen. Thank you so much for your help and enthusiasm which got me over the finishing line when there were so many times I thought I couldn't make it. Now for the next step which is the Masters Degree. Glutton!

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Well done you!



Vocal Pedigogy ... sounds impressive!

Congratulations!! Does that mean you can teach me how to sing. That would be a monumental challenge.

If I had £1 for every person who has said that and turns out to be untrue I would own a small island somewhere in the South Pacific and spend my self isolation there. Ha!


Congratulations 🌻👍

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


Good for you..................fatigue is a big part of so many auto-immune illnesses - understandable as the body is trying to mend itself.

Continue on with your every little bit helps in so many ways.


I have a daughter like that! Well done - I really do appreciate the challenge it must have been,

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