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Outrageous swimming pools


Where I live we have a huge aquatic center. The largest pool is set for laps and competitions. The other large pool has a huge water slide(no I won’t be trying it). Right out front of slide is water fountains spraying into pool and about 6 buckets on a pole which fill and dump on you. This same pool is separated by some walls where the water is flowing like a river. Then on opposite side of river is a large rectangle left of pool about 4 ft deep. Anyway I played and swam for about 1 hour. I love water rivers lakes and pools.

That was two days ago and I am so sore. So here is my question....

Am I sore because I overdid as I haven’t been in the water for over a year.? Or have I been ignoring a flair? I was sore in some parts before I got into pool. At 10 mgs right now. Gonna get my labs done today or tomorrow....

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You were already feeling sore as you posted a few days ago , perhaps you did what I do and thought about going to the pool because being in the water has often made you feel more comfortable and reduced your pain before.

If you haven't been for some time , and you were in the pool for more than half an hour , even if you were just floating or walking about you will have Rebound Pain because you might have done too much for you as a first visit . If so you could have a little more Pain for a few days on top of the Pain we discussed before.

As we said before , your body may be giving you warnings that a Flare could be on the way and needs extra Care and Balance in Activity , especially as you will not be completely over the Pain of your Falls a few months ago , but it could also be from the Falls themselves as these things can take longer to improve too when you have something like PMR.

Try some heat in a shower or with a heat pad , Paracetamol ( Tylenol) at the Standard daily dose , rest , fluids , light meals and gentle joint rotation for a while longer.

If it doesn't start to improve , or it gets steadily worse over the next week , it's time to check with the GP and discuss if it's a Flare or an injury that still isn't improving after your Falls , you may need to increase your Steroids then.

Take care , keep going to the pool but you may need to Pace Yourself , especially under those deep massaging fountains!

Thank you so much for all the advice. I will stay away from the buckets that fill n dump on you. I already pictured it would knock me down. The water is shallow there so a fall would hurt... I am still in pain from my last fall on my left leg and right shoulder so it is so hard to figure what is Pmr or not.

I did go easy but I could tell just walking in the water was exercising my legs n bad knee. my neighbor showed me some knee exercises which I did as the ones the doc wants me to do involve getting on floor. I can get down just not back up...

That sounds so much fun! I imagine that it is quite easy to overdo things in pleasant water, feeling weightless and buoyant. Mind you, you already thought you might be starting a flare. You’ll know if it carries on getting worse. Our muscles are pretty intolerant of vigorous exercise when our disease is active, so there will be a bit of that too. You must control your joy and bob about more sedately and build up exercise gradually. I do envy your pool, it sounds amazing. I hope you get better soon. You do cheer me up!

Just got back from having labs drawn.. i had to go back as the order was confusing them. Darn have to drive that Cadillac again.... someone pinch me because driving it compared to my manual Ford Focus is so dreamy. I feel as if I am dreaming ..... but I do stay alert. Forgot once I don’t have a clutch.

My muscle still hurt but not so much as this morning. Once I get the labs which might be by tomorrow..I will know a bit more re : flair or not.

I really tried to go easy . My sister told me the pool would blow me away. This is just a small town of 6000 so to have such an aquatic center is unreal.

I love putting on my goggles n snorkel and just crawl along and relax. I only went 4 lengths. . I did some knee exercises and floated on the lazy river. The river has a wall down both sides right halfway in the pool and is in a u shape with longer side on right. It is not really long but very fun. 🧜

Heaven just follows you around! 💗

You know it felt like that today. I was so excited to be in the pool the first time I noticed but not very good the mountains that surround us on two sides. Yes they are volcanos but I prefer to call them mountains.

Anyway I just floated and did no exercise at all. But I really focused on the scenery it was heavenly... it was so beautiful I caught myself thanking God for all the beautiful wondrous things He has created.

I felt like breaking out in song but did take control.

It does make me laugh at myself because one of the reasons for leaving California was the impending earthquake. Now I am landed right by three major volcanos. Go figure....

When the kaos 🙀🐢 comes there really will be no where to hide anyway.

I am sure your guardian angel is right there beside you Lin. 😇


Just thinking of navigating something like that makes me feel sore (why I don;t go to our tourist-directed place)! But an hour in water, moving against the resistance of the water at all, never mind the river, is a lot - equivalent to several hours on land as everything takes 7x the effort.

Well today at the pool was amazing. Picture this a wall of glass on two sides all facing the cascade mountains. Out the longest wall you see the three sisters mountains covered in snow. Then out the one far right you see mount hood all snow covered.

I simply floated today while my neighbor did her exercises. The view actually took my breath away. I missed it all the first time. But today I stopped to smell the roses...

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That sounds more like it! We have pools in the Alps with similar views - some outdoor so you might sit there with snowflakes falling on your head :)

Probably overdid it and not noticing as you were having so much fun. I do things like this.

By the way I can’t swim but love water parks

Yep caught up in the moment. What fun tho..

I was dx in June 2016 and that Xmas my sister got us all an Xmas spa session. While they did the gym I messed around in the pool for an hour and when I tried to walk up the little steps, which gentle raised out of the pool, my legs wouldn't support me. I was doing that silly walk where you pretend to walk down to the basement behind a counter slowly disappearing. I then had an hours deep sports massage. I did love it ecen though it hurt. I mean really hurt. Tears. For the next 3 to 5 days I was teary, had massive aches and pains and went to bed by 8pm. It took a week once home to recover. I just overdid it totally. 30mins in the pool would have been perfect. So try a full daily dose of otc painkillers, if they help, see where the next week takes you!

Today I got a noodle n wrapped it under my arms n floated... was still to sore from my first visit.

That a great idea.

I have thought about going to our brand new pool in town. They have disabled changing rooms which would help but I just cannot face the getting there then changing and then having to shower and get dressed afterwards. I wouldn't be able to cope with that alone let alone actually get in the pool and do stuff! I would be so tired out by just getting there! I used to be a bit of a water baby but can't face it just yet. We are going away in April to somewhere that has a pool and hot tub so maybe then :)

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I just got back from the pool my 2nd visit. Like you I had to wonder if by the time I got ready would I make it out to the pool.

This time like last I wore my bathing suit under my sweatpants n sweater. I have a tshirt no bra to put on after I take off wet suit. Then I put my sweater on over n go home.

For summer I will wear my caftan. My swimsuit is a blouson top and swim shorts so actually in the summer I could wear it home.

Yes seems that you over did it Lin. I’d hate the facility as I don’t like water ( bad near drowning incident as a child) but I can imagine it was great fun. Just rest up a bit and see if things improve. If not time to reconsider.

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I can cope as long as my face isn't under water - no idea why, I used to do and teach life-saving as a teenager!

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Yes have a few swimmer friends- do a ridiculous number of lengths of the pool but don’t like getting their face wet- hence they do breaststroke.

That would be awful to not be in the water. My neighbor wants to go today so this time I will get a noodle n just float down the river. My shoulders n legs hurt so bad still. Oh here she is now,,,,,

Take care x

I love floating down those rivers. Had great fun in Disney waterparks doing that but that was pre PMR. I remember my hubby saying to me at the time, let's do everything as we are getting on a bit and might not be able to do it again. So for a few years we holidayed in Florida and took full advantage of Disney and Discovery cove etc. Great memories, so glad we did it as neither of us would have that stamina now :)

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