feet problems - on 3 mg Pred

Hello Everybody

Any thoughts on what I can do to help my very painful feet. Had PMR 1 1/2 years and I am down to 3 mg. I was away and walked 22K steps daily which was maybe a bit much. Now my right foot is very sore to walk on so i limp. I am only 60 for goodness sakes. I have iced the food and stayed off it but it is so sore and it is not the shoes and not where my feet usually hurt (extensor tendonitis).

Thanks for all your help. You make my day and keep me sane.


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  • Hello WFB, oh dear, it sounds as though you may have injured your foot. That does sound like a lot of walking in just a day, especially with PMR - was it on flat ground or was it on inclines/stony surfaces? Have you tried wearing one of those support bandages for a few days - they can be very helpful where sprains are concerned? Otherwise, perhaps you need to ask your GP to send you for an X-ray just to rule out anything more serious.

  • Great idea. Will get a support bandage today and also keep icing it. Thanks for the advice.

  • I had that problem in PMR pre-pred - and I was barely 51!!!! Though it was both feet - couldn't even limp...

    I know someone else who had foot problems at lower doses - and feet can be part of PMR. Where DOES it hurt?

  • It hurts in the middle of my foot on the top but not the same as extensor tendonitis. All I got is walking.

  • Wonder if it is a spontaneous metatarsal fracture? Long term pred and lots of walking can lead to that.

  • what is the solution bedrest on a beach for one month with valet service?

  • Sounds good to me - is it an option?

  • I saw a doctor and they took xrays and there is no fracture but the doc said it is probably sore from PMR and too much walking so I will take it easy this week. Thanks for the advice. I walked in telling the doc what it could be which was great.

  • Does insurance pay?😀

  • Haha. Sadly not an option in my life. I think I need to see a podiatrist in the near future and watch the shoes I wear and not walk so much.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • I live in the UK and use the NHS. I do not have private insurance. Now I am waiting for a podiatrist apt.........

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