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GCA & Osteoporosis changed me


GCA DX May 2019. I've changed from a workaholic carpenter to relaxing, observing stars, and art work. I was a strong chubby person of short stature. Now, I'm average weight (lost over 35 lbs from gca) and I'm officially a little person at 4 ft 7inches (lost 2 1/2 inches in height). It's taken 10 months to accept my new life, but I'm feeling better, and am content. No desire to be busy from dawn to dust and beyond. Actually, wish I had found this less stressful, more peaceful life sooner. I have a long way to go to say I'm well, but I'm well underway. With gca & the other diseases I know everything could change tomorrow; but for now, I'm content. Hope others who long for their past life find comfort and peace in their gca/pmr journey.

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Perfect way to start my morning .

Reading a post that isn't just positive despite the various woes of our Health but displays the Silver Lining that can come from it and reward us in the Future.

We may all be forced to Learn to Slow Down the Pace of Life because of our illness but we often find a balance in Life we never knew we needed and wouldn't give up again.

Thank you for sharing xx

Thank you Blearyeyed. I learn so much from all of your posts.

Well spoken!

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SnazzyD thank you. Have a great day.


The post matches the lovely sunny morning in my part of the world. So glad you are starting to enjoy this new normal x

Hope you enjoy the day.

Well I guess this is the acceptance we all aim for. It sounds quite blissful. 🌷

Acceptance has been difficult. I know thought when I'm feeling better it's because of the adjustments in my lifestyle that I have made.

Good for you Spanky - outstanding attitude! It was good to read this when I turned on the computer this morning here in northern Minnesota. I'm half way to peaceful and content. Maybe if my adult children will stop dumping theirs woes on me I'll get the rest of the way to being at peace...lol ! Best wishes to you on your journey through the twilight zone of GCA/PMR.

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Move abroad - worked for us ;)

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Honest to God, I've been thinking about it!!! No forwarding address either! ;)

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We did let them know that. But distance does lend a touch of enchantment ;)

We might be neighbors. Let's pm sometime.

works for me

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