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Needed opinions on dental work while on Prednisone


Hello friends, I have a question about the effect of Prednisone on a tooth extraction and if you had the experience with dental IV sedation. Is it safe for us PMrs?

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I had dental surgery 9 months ago- 3 molars pulled. I had been on 20 mg for some time.

Did you have IV sedation? Completely asleep?

I was referred to our Dental Hospital when I developed a tooth abscess, they sorted the abscess out then extracted the tooth. I was on a high dose of pred at the time. So, one Dentist and one person who was constantly checking pressure etc whilst the tooth was extracted under a local. T


I had a wisdom tooth removed and am having root canal treatment at present - no problems so far. I detest the dentist enough without adding to it! Have never had sedation with pred but was sedated once in my late teens to have healthy teeth removed for orthodontist work! Not nice but that was a few years ago ...

I had tooth removed some time ago. I think I was probably on about 12mg of Pred then. Had local anaesthetic and just rested afterwards. No problem.

Hi. Had a tooth out 7 months ago on 7mgs. Local anaesthetic. No bleeding, healed nicely. I was worried before but didn’t need to. All the best cc 🤗

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