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Connections between inflammation, the immune system and depression, Dr Edward Bullmore's theory


I heard an interesting interview with Dr Edward Bullmore on Start the Week BBC Radio 4 this morning. As far as I understood, he thinks that the release of Cytokines when our immune system is activated or over active, as in auto immune diseases, can have an effect on the brain and be a cause of depression. He also has an idea that anti inflammatory drugs could help with depression for this reason. He relates stress with inflammatory conditions which in turn affect the brain causing depression in a cyclical fashion. He has written a book "The Inflamed Mind" and talks about his theory in the Youtube lecture linked below. I'd be interested to see your comments or to know if you've heard about his theory. Maybe he should hear about our PMR experiences.

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There's already a thread on this 'Inflammation and depression' from maria40. It certainly was interesting and seemed very relevant to our conditions.

Sorry I copied the wrong link. Here's the correct one. I don't know how to remove the original one.

Thanks for this link. My scientific mind lapped it up. It all seems so logical. I have ordered the book. Valerie

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Thanks for this link. Definitely worth watching though almost an hour on YouTube. He talks a lot of sense. I think I will order his book now.

I have found I am mostly in a very good mood since being diagnosed with GCA and taking lots of prednisone. My doctor warned I would be grumpy and hungry. So far just hungry. My “full” indicator in my stomach is not working. So I track what I eat.

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Yes, that was me too. When I first went on Pred, I was told I’d be fat and grumpy. Well they were partly right, but I felt euphoric at times and rarely grumpy. Now I’m down on lower doses, I can feel very down at times.

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I am naturally very positive and look on the bright side. Trying to maintain that attitude.

I really like this guy but his presentation kept cutting out!

The Youtube link was O.K. for me. Maybe you can pick it up direct if you use your search app. I used Google on my computer. Good luck!

I also heard the start the week programme and found it very interesting. Also the other one about getting enough sunlight. I have sent for The Inflamed Mind as apart from depression he talks about autoimmune disorders. I am looking forward to reading it.

This is interesting but, speaking personally, I am definitely less depressed - or at least depressed less often - than before GCA. Seem to have developed a tremendous amount of acceptance and equanimity. Could it be the pred?

Maybe it's just that I now have a genuine reason for being a grumpy so-and-so - which makes it ok?

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