The link between stress and inflammatory illnesses?

I thought people might find this interesting:

Stress doesn't cause illness - but

"The same parts of the brain that control the stress response … plays an important role in susceptibility and resistance to inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. And since it is these parts of the brain that also play a role in depression, we can begin to understand why it is that many patients with inflammatory diseases may also experience depression at different times in their lives."

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  • Increased my anti-depressants today.

  • I have been reading about this too and it really resonates with me. The depression I have suffered on and off for the last decade has always had a "flu" type component . I think this explains why my depression lifted instantly with Prednisalone and has not returned while I am on it. I am trepidatious about coming off Pred. Entirely in case the black dog returns. I have spent a fortune on talking therapies, I became very insightful but still down. I remember saying to a therapsit " but it is so physical".


    This is an interesting article on the links between inflammation and depression. Hope it works!

    I am particularly interested as I reduce Prednisalone and experience the odd dark thought.😕 depression has more of a negative impact on my well being than all the painful, mobility reducing, PMR symptoms put together.

  • Obviously stuff to hand over to your average doc who tries to tell us that our symptoms are due to being depressed - no, our depression is associated with the illness...

  • Thanks PMRpro, I save your posts because they buck me up. I have you in a beautiful place in Italy in my mind's eye.

  • My village is the pictures on this page:

    Cheeky lot in Bruneck - not even the same Commune! Urban variety my foot! But this is where we sit for a drink after our walk many mornings! The rest of the pictures on the site are just as good.

  • That fits! Beautiful person in beautiful surroundings. Just as I have Dorsetlady in a wonderful cottage garden with Wisteria and Hollyhocks.

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