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New Year


Well everyone I am back. Happy New Year. A double dollop of Preds the things I gave up last July. A humdinger of a cough and chest infection for 3 weeks then yes headaches jaw wouldn't open Lnot a bad thing some would think} appointment taking my headaches of course with me to the Doctors. 60mgs of Pred. Frightful wait at Pharmacy they wouldn't have noticed if I had fallen off my chair. This is to punish me for my evil thoughts last time around and my efforts to give it up. Its the Giant come to visit. And he has big feet in my head. Feeling dreadful.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Sorry to hear that- hope things soon improve for you.


Sorry to hear that - but leaving PMR untreated does increase the risk of this happening. Do hope you get on better with the pred this time.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.


So sorry Valentina1, I wondered where you’d gone. Take care!!!

So sorry....yes, this too will pass...and... ever so slowly...all the best, Alida

So sorry to hear this. It seems you did things too quickly last time round.

This time, take things very slowly - your eyesight is far too precious.

Hope you'll soon be out of pain.

So very sorry to hear this and wish 2019 is better for you, even though the long road of reduction lies ahead. Sadly, I hear several people have been 'better', only to find revenge of the dragon upon them again. Please take care in the coming months.

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