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Three things to be happy about

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1: I slept better last night and woke up to a lovely winters day. Chilly but sunny.

2: Parker is here for the day he made me porridge. We’re having Duck for dinner.

3: My nut job element of the family haven’t caused me any stress in 24 hrs.

So today I am focusing on the good things and ignoring the annoying inconveniences that make me sulk and go in to woe is me mode.

Have the best day you can everyone xx

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Love this.

Sounds lovely,l wish you many more good days .

Lovely Estellemac!

I love #3 and can totally relate. I have had a stressful couple of weeks but everyone has gone back to their corners and there is peace in the valley tonight! This illness has made me really appreciate peace and quiet.

Love the picture too💕

Glad to hear you're trying to be positive in spite of all the trials and tribulations.

I've lost part of the last two nights' sleep with a tickly cough, but I'll be positive about the fact that I can go back to bed for a 'duvet day' - after I've made my own porridge, that is!

Hang on to that man Parker, Lady P!


Good for you Estellemac!

Is that your home on the hill? Gorgeous!

It is in my head. It’s where I go walking. It’s has benches every so often and s big lake in the middle. It’s flat but a bit unsteady under foot. Serene quiet and tranquil. Ideal for a spot of mindfulness.

Lovely! Keep walking.🎄🍀💐

Serene, quiet and tranquil. Our lives every day.😂😂😂😂😂

How Lovely Estelle & How Positive!........

I dressed the Christmas Tree yesterday & thought back to the year it took me a week & l could only do the middle branches, DH had to do the top & the bottom branches, it wasn’t easy🎄

Tonight we are picking up my Daughter-in-Law for a 12hour overnight stop over, she has a Business Meeting in Birmingham, so a couple of quality hours will be had with her.

Best Wishes for Another Good Day🍀

MrsN x

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bunnymom in reply to

So glad you see improvement in your life Mrs. Nails 🎄! I will take advances where ever they can be found. I am always looking for a green shoot.

in reply to bunnymom

Hope you’re doing OK Bunnymom? I’m just going to tweak my tree🎄it’s one of my my great pleasures in life, decorating the Tree 💕

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bunnymom in reply to

I love trees anyway but mess with my Xmas trees the whole time they are up. Sitting in the dark now with the lights burning on them. Went to see the Nutcracker with daughter and four year old granddaughter Saturday. Great fun but by 430(after the show)I had a headache and came home and slept for 12 hours. I notice I get headaches as a signal now that I am tired. Usually when out. I could have stayed the night as it was an hour and a half drive home but it's too busy there and not as comfortable as home sweet home. No reducing till other daughter and boyfriend leave week after Xmas.

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Marcy47 in reply to

Just trying to summon up the energy to get our tree down from the loft. I can't make it up the loft ladder so OH has to struggle up there and hand it down to me. Didn't bother last year as we had no visitors, but this year have my older sister for Xmas Day. Might take me a few days. Presents to wrap as well. It's all go !!!

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Estellemac in reply to Marcy47

We don’t have visitors either. But this year Parker did the front garden in the summer with dwarf conifers. So I bought a string of lights from Morrisons and just draped them randomly around. They look good when it’s dark. Parker was well pleased. Not with the flashing sequence though????😁🧐🤨 Had to close the blinds. 🤣😂😎

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Rugger in reply to Estellemac

I bought a string of multicoloured lights (indoor) from Hobbycraft and thankfully, they don't flash! They're round our front window and so far, they're the only decorations that are up, but we love them - never had LED Christmas lights before.

(Have had my porridge and just got up to make some hot lemon and honey.)

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Rugger

OH has to fiddle with our balcony lights until they DON'T flash - given the usual temperatures while he's at it it is usually a pretty speedy effort! We're probably well behind the neighbours this year - it was too soon before we came away ...

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Estellemac in reply to PMRpro

I think these have a few settings. Once they start to really bug him he’ll get out there and set them up so they are less annoying.

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Estellemac in reply to Rugger

Parker did porridge again I don’t seem to get the same consistency or flavour? That my excuse anyway. I am having a bit of a muscle/bone can’t walk thing today? Dexa Scan tomorrow so I will have a light lunch extra Pred. Reduced a mg too quick this week.

I have always liked a minimalist Christmas. Suns out here and there a resident Robin on the bird feeder. My NutJob family are still at war but I am selectively ignoring them. They will be having an unintended minimalist Christmas. But these things happen to help me practice patience and compassion for all living beings.

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Rugger in reply to Estellemac

Sorry to hear you're having trouble walking today - did you too much last week, coming to the meet-up? I did!

I reduce by 0.5mg each time.

Hope the DEXA scan shows your bones are strong. x

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Estellemac in reply to Rugger

Think I reduced too much

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Daisychain12 in reply to

Lucky dil xxxxxxx

I think one of the keys to making it "thru" PMR is to continually look at what we have not what we lack. Lovely post.

Too true bunnymom. Good to try to remember that things could be so much worse...?

What a good approach! Long may it last!! X

Another great thing for me is finding you xxxxx

Well said Estelle... :-)

Sounds like a positive day ,enjoy it .;-)

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