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My lovely GP!


Went to my GP this morning re my Pred dose. Currently 8mg. I told him that Rheumy was fussing to get me to 5mg! He was so nice! He said 'I'd rather you were active and pain free than struggling at a lower dose!' Then he told me to stick to 8mg and no time limit on it!! I'll take his advice and ignore Rheumy!!! Why can't they all be like my GP? He did order a Dexa scan for me as well, although I know my bones are fine as I walk a lot. I get the impression that some medics are more concerned with reductions that with keeping the patient comfortable!!!

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Hurrah for wise GPs. I would probably happily begin to reduce by 0.5 every few weeks once the pressure was lifted. 🍀

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Well done that man! Stick with him, he’ll get you through it!

I sure will DL! 😊


"although I know my bones are fine as I walk a lot"

I fear that doesn't follow at all.

But kudos to your very sensible GP!

Well I'll find out for sure one way or the other when I have the dx scan!

What a wonderful GP you are lucky. Hope your Dexascan goes well.

Thanks Piglette, I'm sure it will! I'll keep you posted with results when I get them!

There's no point any one fussing at you to get to 5 mg. With periodic attempts to make a sensible very slow taper you will get the 5 mg in your own good time. We all know, although lots of doctors don't seem to understand, that rushing the taper process leads to nothing but grief and in the end a higher total intake of pred. How wonderful you have a sensible GP!

Oh yes for sure

It’s because they are not living with that’s why!

Your GP sounds wonderful! So is mine. When my former Rheumy was pressing me to lower my pred dose and insisting I drop by 2.5mg (which had already caused me to flare previously), my GP prescribed 1mg pred tablets so I could reduce in smaller increments (and told me I didn’t have to tell her). Now I only see my GP.

Hope your bone scan is good news. Don’t bow to your Rheumy’s pressure. Medical professionals should listen to and support their patients, not cause them stress.

stellafmdm in reply to PMRCanada

Here Here!! I totally agree PMRCanada

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