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Severe pain circling my back and from under rib cage


Hi there I'm have the worst pain ever going right around my back and from high up like from shoulder blades right round my top part of my body, it's extremely painful I've had it before when I first went to see my rheumy and started on predisinone I'm now tapering down when it all came back I'm on 5 I nearly called the paramedics this morning as so awful, I was having a bone marrow biopsy last Tuesday laying on my side it was so painful without knowing my legs jerked upwards and she could not carry on she thought I was having a heart attack, I was trying to tell her it's only the pain around my top that makes my breathing so bad, I have a new appointment tomorrow I have 2 diazipan to take 2 hours before, I need some one to hold my body still while she does it, but I'm stressed I'm not normally a coward I've had a liver biopsy and steriod injections into my shoulders but I don't know how to handle this?

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If it came back at 5mg - surely you have gone back to a higher dose? Could it be myofascial pain syndrome? It can be severe if a nerve is involved.

Jamie345 in reply to PMRpro

Thank you I don't know anything else only he wants me not to go up on the predisinone no matter what ? I have tramadol and paracetamol plus the two diazipan for tomorrow morning, I have a nurse who is in the intensive care coming to meet meet me and she will hold me down while she does the procedure but only if she has no emergency on understandable, gosh I'll be glad when it's over with feel a fool fussing! The times I've gone to you with problems, so thank you again if you can look back you will see what doctor rod Hughes this it is I misspelt it last time sounds like melanoma? Many regards x

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Jamie345

Ah, OK.

All the best for the next attempt. Can they not sedate you?

Jamie345 in reply to PMRpro

Hi there I had the diazipam plus a nurse who's my daughters friend she in charge of intensive care but came to me and she was brilliant such a massive help plus the consultant was in a much better mood so it's all been done and just waiting for results now they do not give any other anaesthetic Numb the area but can't do anything else anyway thank goodness all overphew!!

Oh Jamie what an nightmare! I have nothing useful to add but my profound sympathy. It’s enough to give anyone the screaming abdabs!

The technician wouldn’t have filled me with confidence either. I hope that your experience is so much better next time, with your relaxant!

Thank you so much God bless you as well

So sorry you're going through this. Prayers and soft hugs being set to you.

Sorry that you have been having such a lot of pain Jamie,it sounds very much like gastric reflux,could the drugs you are taking be causing this ? If not a higher dose of Pred.,does seem to be necessary.l hope that you will feel better very soon xx.

Jamie345 in reply to Grants148

Thank you grants 148 I have. Had my gallbladder removed years ago and I have Autommuine hemapitist so I have regular every 3 months endoscopy but this time it's gone for over a year all those specialist said she had arranged it but that was in June , my stomache swells goes very hard, but I've never so much pain that I've been going for the past weeks I'm tapering down but I did go up 1mg to try and help me through this awful pain I even thought of calling paramedics my blood pressure was extremely high anyway sorry to go on but I have SA bone marrow biopsy tomorrow urge!! But if I see a doctor I will ask if not I'll call the liver specialist, I think it is caused by all the medication and predisinone .

There is nothing I can say 😢here’s wishing you every wish and lots of 💕 good luck 🙏

I do hope that they can help you with this Jamie ,it is not right that you are not seen regularly ,l find that l do not get as much attention as l used to from my GP,l have not had a blood test for a long time. I am having problems with bloating ,worse than l ever have before and l used to have regular liver function tests but again not for a long time.l hope that your bone marrow biopsy goes well tomorrow ,you cannot go on having so much pain l hope and pray that you will feel better soon xx.

Jamie345 in reply to Grants148

Thank you grant, I had the procedure so all over thank goodness, but the pain in my chest and around back is worse than ever, tramadol does not help at all any other pain killers you can recommend, I'm restricted but I don't know why? I have Autommuine hepatitis so it could be because of my liver though last report said it was doing really well, regards and a big thank you for your help

I have had a similar pain due to a collapsed vertebra as a result of osteoporosis. Maybe worth getting an x-ray.

Jamie345 in reply to Ronnie101

Hi there I have osteoporosis in my spine and several vertebra have collapsed I've lost over an inch in height, is this the same as you if so what can I take for the pain I'm on tramadol and paracetamol but does nothing!! It's worse if I bend over or try pick up something but it never goes away at all it's so painful???

Ronnie101 in reply to Jamie345

Yes, the pain is particularly acute when I sneeze! My doc has said the pain diminishes with time, which it has, though it is still there. I take paracetomol occasionally which helps but unfortunately nothing kills it entirely. I understand there is an operation to fix it, but o haven't looked into it yet. Could you discuss this with your doc?

Oh very best wishes - hope it goes ok for you.

Sending prayers and well wishes your way. It is hard not to understand what is going on with our bodies ❤️

Just know that everyone is rooting for you xx

Thank you all so much I had the bone marrow biopsy yesterday so one trial is over just got to wait for the results now xx

Hi Jamie,l,am sorry that you are still in so much pain,l cannot think of any other pain killers that could lmprove things for you .The pain l have sometimes is caused by gastric reflux,it usually calms down eventually ,l hope that your bone marrow results will help to explain what is going on ,please keep posting to let us know how you are.Sending caring thoughts and prayers Jamie,we are all wishing you well again very soon.

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