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Day 17 of eating salads etc.


Good news I kept thinking my appt where I broke the doctors scale was weeks away but today I counted and it has been 17 days and I have finally hit the 10. Lbs off.

Bad news I had three moles taken off for biopsy and the one on my right side of my face and the left side on my shoulder are both melanoma. So of course I am freaking out so I have decided to calm down and to wait until I see the surgeon who is to go deeper on my face. My dermatologist will take off more on my back. What has scared me besides the word melanoma wa the nurse scheduling my surgery said well you will come back one week after the surgery to close up your face. WHAT! I have never heard of such a thing. So maybe she meant to take out stitches. I will know on July 2 when I go for the surgical consult. One more thing and I will cry.

I am taking my daughter in law with me as I never hear what they are saying I sit like a stone heheheh... she will let me know if I am too worry. She is such a card I can see her now saying Mama you better worry then laugh... I am so lucky she loves me as much as I love her. My son is lucky and it is nice that he loves her too. Ok so love all around while the earth keeps going out of control.


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Your weight loss is amazing well done!

Sorry you’ve got the worry of the two melanomas. My son in law is a doctor in Australia and he regularly lops them off for patients in his surgery, as far as I know they go off home straight after, it’s almost routine there. Perhaps the nurse changes a dressing or something? Silly remark. How lovely to have such a good relationship with your daughter in law, she sounds great! I looked after my mother in law at my house, for several weeks after her husband died . It was rewarding and I loved her. Sorry that you feel at your limit. Sending you love and hugs from England! 💐

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Thanks for the encouragement. I am still at 12.5 mgs prednisone and have jaw pain today. Will get my lab done on Monday. So it has been getting to me on why my labs don’t go down. But I am not depressed just weary.

Had quite a few melanomas cut off with no problems, because of the thin ozone layer above NZ, it's really common here so nobody worries unduly. The scars heal and life goes on. I'm sending you the NZ attitude 'she'll be eight's with love

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That is really good news. Thanks for sharing.😻

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Blimey spell checker, it should read 'she'll be right' nothing to do with eight unless that was the number of wines I need to make any sense

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My Aussie friends would say “no worries she’ll be apples” always makes me laugh. So sending Lin-calif lots of 🍏🍎🍏🍎 and hugs 🤗

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I”ll take them. 🦋

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Thought you were referring to No. Eight wire (Kiwi ingenuity at fixing things)!!

Angiejnz in reply to Slowdown

Prefer the 🍷 😋

What a lot to deal with in one go - as if PMR isn't enough - thank goodness for a loving and supportive family. I send you all best wishes.


Thanks so much.... It always make me laugh when I see how many diagnosis I have. But that is for another day.

Be blessed


Hi Linda

Good news on the weight loss! So sorry to hear about the Melanomas, it’s a big worry but once you’ve seen the surgeon you’ll be more informed.

Keep on with your new eating program & the weight loss will help you feel better.

Take Care 💐

Angela xx

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You are so sweet... 🙃 thanks

Great news about the weight loss - especially in 17 days! Not good news about the melanoma. I do hope all goes well for you in that regard. Very best of luck to you - Kathy

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Yeah it really helps to know I can lose while on prednisone... I have to say I abused that defense, that I was fat because of prednisone. Until one day I woke up ridiculously overweight. This to shall pass. 😜

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I too have added taking pred as another reason/excuse for my increasing weight gain. For me the real problem was when I developed hypothyroidism when I felt as though I woke up one morning and had gained three and a half stones overnight.

No amount of thyroid medication has made any difference. I feel as though I have to watch everything single thing I eat just to stay fat! Adding steroids to the equation is challenging despite keeping my carbs in check. Maybe I should take a "salad" leaf out of your book and try nothing but salads for a few weeks!

I need to concentrate on getting the PMR under control - then try to do something about my shape! Enjoy your Sunday x

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I have to admit 3-4 big salads a week is sometimes hard. But then I try to add an avocado, some beets an scallions to make it happier. Then I also buy my favorite dressings mostly with vinaigrette in the label.

My favorite vege these days is my ginger green beans. I toss an entire bag of green beans into my Dutch oven skillet with olive oil then cut up big chunks of fresh ginger. Stir it every ten minutes with lid on and when the gingercarmalizes whalla best tasting green beans ever. I cook up a whole baking pan of chicken tenders or breast and that is my dinner on non salad nights.😃

I’ve never really been over-weight, even on pred, so the thought of eatings salads for 17 days would freek me out.

I was one of the lucky ones on pred (did I just write “lucky”😏😏?) but I actually LOST weight - 10 kilos. I’ve put on about 3 kilos again since but who cares.

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Oh no I couldn’t eat salads for 17 days. Normally eat 3-4 a week. Then chicken n Veges the other nights.🙀

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Oh, that’s better. I just thought “17” days.😂

Most people cannot understand that I don’t like salad, I prefer vegetables any day.

You're doing so well with the weight loss, Lin, brilliant result :-) It's a shame that nearly every time we get good news there's also yet another thing to deal with - I've also got biopsies going on so understand the worry while waiting .. keep it together, your daughter in law is a gem. Deep breath, more salad and the very best of luck x

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Good luck on your biopsies... I have to vivid of an imagination my downfall. My son still tells stories of how I got every disease I studied about in nursing school. I eventually knew it was not true...🤪

Hi Linda

Congratulations on that weight loss! 10 pounds is where the waistband really starts to feel comfortable again……I just wish I could find my own motivation to lose some weight but my head isn’t in the right place at the moment. But……you’ve inspired me in the past and will do again. I’m so pleased to hear you have such loving family around you to help through an anxious time with the melanomas. All best wishes for successful treatment and continued weight loss.


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Linda you have been such a great encourager to me and so my advice is to pick one thing you know you shouldn’t eat and then when you have eliminated that try another. The problem I have always had was I would feel sorry for myself and reach for my comfort foods. One of my favorites was a bowl of mashed potatoes smothered in cheddar cheese and swimming in butter. Alas those days are gone I hope.😘

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That sounds like a good strategy. I enjoy salads when the weather is warmer and in the UK we are having a lovely warm spell at the moment.

Take care Linda


Well done on the weight loss!

Sounds like there is a nurse who needs some retraining on how to relate to the patient...

I, too, eat salad every day, more often than not twice! Unless I can be bothered to do roast veggies but that means having the oven on in high summer.

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Yeah I actually was shocked as most people making your appts are told not to say too much. I guess I will find out soon enough. ☺️

I am so sorry to hear of the melanomas. My brother seems to get them on his face as he is very keen on wind surfing. He just goes along to the hospital and has them removed. There has just been an ad on TV for Cancer Research which said one in two of us would be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime. I did not realise it was that many, although I knew it was a lot.

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I guess my fear factor is above average due to my mom 67, her two younger sister 62-64. Her youngest brother 61. Her middle brother 65 all died at the ages posted of cancer. I am 67. Girls all 3 had colon, youngest brother throat cancer and middle brother shoulder cancer. The thing is my grandma died at 98. All of the above deaths happened within 10 months of her passing. It was the worst year of my life. ☹️

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I can understand your fear. I have had cancer in my family but not quite like you. Also my sister in law has recently died of bowel cancer at the age of 52. Much too young.

Sending you big soft hugs, family can be so wonderful! I'm glad you have them close. Don't worry...Be happy. Just sing that song throughout the day and a smile will definitely come your way!

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How did you know I write songs hehehe. I love to 🎶 sing. The Lord never gives me more than I can handle.😇

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Just keep on singing!!! And your right, He never gives us more than we can handle. :)

Maybe they leave the wound open to heal from the inside out , as sometimes this gives A better scar , loads of hugs x


That is the best reason I have heard. Thanks!👌🏻

Hi Linda, only just saw your post.

Sorry to hear about the melanomas but hopefully they will just remove them and all will be well! It's great that you are so close to your daughter in law.

Well done on the weight loss though, that's great.

Onwards and upwards as they say. :-)


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