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pain at back of hip


Up until I took Pred I have had unbelievable pain in my groin but never in my back at hip level. Today pain in this area hit big time half way through the day. Is this from pmr or am I just assuming anything involving joint or muscle pain it is and it’s just down to something I have done? Actually haven’t done anything to be honest except be very lazy.

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perhaps you should have this looked at. I had a hip replacement and the pain often begins as mine did in the groin and then moves to the side or back of hip..Hope it is not serious.!!

YellowbluebellAmbassador in reply to yogabonnie

That’s all I need!! I have already had right shoulder replaced and that was after 7 other ops on that shoulder! I am due to see gp on 30th so will add it to my ever growing list of questions, ailments and complaints in general. Only good thing is my appt is at 8.40am so I know if he spoils my day I will at least have the same effect on his!!

I think if it is hip replacement it would hurt All the time! so probably not. and that surgery is NOTHING like the shoulder. !! really!

suzy1959 in reply to yogabonnie

I too have had a hip replacement and my pain started in my thigh and for a long time that was the only symptom and no one told me it could be my hip. Then it moved to my groin and all the way down my leg. I would say the pain was intermittent at first but then had even worse flare ups. The pain was rarely actually in my hip until the end. The main principal is whether the pain is one-sided or not. if it is bi-lateral it could well be PMR but, if uni-lateral, not usually.

YellowbluebellAmbassador in reply to suzy1959

Thanks for your reply. It’s only in one side so will make sure to mention it to doctor next week. I have an ever growing list of queries and moans for him so should make for a good appt!!

Omanain in reply to suzy1959

Hi Suzy, why did you have to have a hip replacement? Was there a broken bone?

I am waiting for results of an x-ray of my hip. The pain got so bad I could barely put any weight on it but I have not had arthritis symptoms before and I haven't had a fall or anything.

suzy1959 in reply to Omanain

OA of Right hip diagnosed 2.5 years ago. saw consultant last June who said I needed the op but wouldn't do it unless I lost about 21 pounds in weight. He was also worried that I was on 11mgs. Pred.( possible problems with healing and infection) Needless to say, I couldn't lose the weight and, a year later, I felt I couldn't stand the pain anymore so searched for a surgeon who would operate on me. I had no problem finding quite a few out of my area who were willing to operate privately, so had it done in London in June this year, very successfully. I also have 2 bad OA knees and am having the same problems re: weight etc. My hip surgeon is willing to operate either privately or NHS on my knees but my local NHS won't even consider letting me have the op. Someone has suggested getting it done more cheaply abroad so I might consider that!

Omanain in reply to suzy1959

Would you be up to the travelling?

Hi, I have same thing except all the time in right hip and thigh. Can't lift my leg up when trying to put socks on and walk upstairs one step at a time.

Limping all the time when walking as weight on it kills me !! I swear because I am so fed up ,in bed my hip gets stuck when I turn over and excruciating pain !! had it for 3 months now and waiting for X-rays on hips and pelvis results now, as goes in groin a lot of the time also.

Going for loads of blood tests tomorrow also so my doctor really looking in to it all for me.

I hope you get good results,

Telian in reply to Margaret1951

Hope you get some good result soon too Margaret1951, you definitely need help somewhere along the line, all that pain - not good! Best wishes.

Margaret1951 in reply to Telian

Hi, got results through 😭 Got degeneration on both hips and pelvis !!!! Got to see doctor next and see what's going to happen, so not in good mood at moment x

YellowbluebellAmbassador in reply to Margaret1951

I am sure you are not happy but at least you know what it is. I am new to the site but sure I have seen somewhere about strengthening bones on the forum.

I had a dexa scan which showed osteoporosis last year of my bones, Doctor told me it is because of prednisoline side effects, helps one thing and gives you something else, I know I am 67 but I was so active !! Now pain worse in right hip and in bed shocking pain 😭

Telian in reply to Margaret1951

I'm sorry to hear that, but as has been said at least you know and your doctors can now work out how to treat you. It's expected your mood will be low but tomorrow is another day and when you get to know more you'll feel better for that - our minds run riot initially and sometimes it's not as bad as we think. Best wishes and keep us updated. x

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