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re groin and hip pain

well went to physiotherapist today, she did a lengthy assessment, and has decided all muscles are seized up very tight, in particular, glutal, and hip flexor muscle being responsible for this new groin pain ive developed over last week or so, has anyone had this happen while struggling with pmr, i haven,t done anything different physically to cause this that i know of, so just wonder, if it something that is common and happens with all other pmr symptons

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Severe burning groin pain was one of the symptoms I started with when my PMR was appearing, and before diagnosis. It hurt so badly, that I couldn't even stand having clothes touch the area. I was also having muscle knots in one calf. When I started on Prednisone, the groin pain went away immediately, but myofascial pain syndrome has been my constant companion throughout the 3 yrs I've had PMR. I have a great massage therapist who specializes in myofascial pain syndrome, and he's helped me immensely to work out the knots in my muscles.


Try Bowen Therapy - it has been discussed on a thread on this forum - quite a few of us have tried it and it worked.

If I had listened to PMRpro earlier I would not have had a horrible 18 months. I live and learn.

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I'm also having groin pain on one side . I've developed some kidney problems so hoped it wasn't connected.

My hips are now more painful and stiff than my arms and shoulders ever were and this is my 5th year of PMR .

I was having Bowen Technique therapy last year for the hip pain and have to say it is wonderful and really does work.

Hope you can find a practitioner .

Good luck Arvine .


thank you greensleeves, well i have started physio, so hoping that will help, yes, shoulder better, always was right one that was so bad, now this groin thing, physio says, culprit is hip flexor muscle, of course every muscle in my body is seized, and knotted, so hopefully physio going to give some relief,

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Hope you get some relief once you start the physio exercises. Strange how its bilateral but one side is worse.

Mine was always the left .

Ill probably make an appointment for physio for my groin pain. It's all so miserable, funnily enough it was a physiotherapist who first mentioned I probably had PMR before I consulted the GP .

Take care and good luck. x


Have you been checked for osteo arthritis in your hip?


Groin pain and tenderness were certainly symptoms I experienced before my doctor finally concluded my daignosis of PMR and I still have difficulty squatting down and some pain in that area. At my worst I could barely sit, stand or climb the stairs. I am still on 15mg pred daily and have a Fentanyl pain patch.

Maybe you are on too low a dose to manage your flare. My sympathies, I hope you get it under control soon, xx


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