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Bondi Beach by Bus


Parker hasn’t really been anywhere with me since I had my new hip. Although I can walk well now I can’t go too far because of the fatigue of PMR. Parker also doesn’t get Pred head or how the pain Meds for osteoarthritis make me quite gormless. Sydney is a bit like London where you have to have your wits about you crossing the road and using public transport. How we laughed when I crossed on the green light and a Police car almost got me. I had to explain that most of the time I can’t hear him when he is gibbering behind me. It’s not that I am deaf I am just not listening. I am concentrating on walking and not falling over or getting shoved by people who don’t see me. Well this led into a deep and meaningful discussion on the best way to communicate in public areas. I considered him to be on league with the kids trying to get the insurance paid out earlier. This also led to how easy public transport was to use and how we can see a lot of things by bus and train and cut down the walking. Today was a good day.

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I like sitting on a bench at Circular Quay, Sydney, watching the little green ferries come and go. I could do that for hours.

I am glad you had a good day. The Botanical Gardens is another great place. You see I am suggesting places to sit down Estellemac!

Did that for an hour today. I bought a Rucksack with a stool in it for Parker to carry too. Got to say Sydney does have lots of places to sit and stare. They are digging up George St and renovating the Quay at the moment. Thank you for your kind suggestions xxx

We’re staying on Bathurst so only a short walk to the train and two stops to Circular Quay. We did the harbour trip yesterday. Everyone had a problem trying to find the jetty as they had erected scaffolding and barriers everywhere. You would think the tour organisers might have mentioned it.

That happened to us in Rome! Trevi Fountain everything. 😬

Well it doesn’t really spoil it for us 🙃

No it doesn’t and there is hardly a time when buildings aren’t being “ improved” these days. Our quiet bay in Mallorca was rent by the vexatious sound of a leaf blower one morning. It sounded like a pneumatic drill. We’d gone to escape the builders next door, at home.


I guess you can't buy travel insurance for construction can you? Hahaha 😁

I agree, watching the ferries is a great watch. I loved Sydney harbour and sitting in the Botanical Gardens. We found public transport in Sydney to be very easy.

Glad your'e having a good time hope it continues. I have missed your Parker posts, I used them to train my husband!

Estellemac in reply to scats

Glad to hear that. You see Parker thought he could take time off and revert to Yorkshire Man. He is slowly taking up responsibility again during this weird and wonderful holiday. Providing that is no one speaks to him or ask questions. That’s one module he didn’t do so well on during his training.

Telian in reply to Estellemac

Don't be fooled, he'll have chosen to take the battery out so as not to use it! Men are good a that.....I tell mine he can be so selfish at times!!

PS: I think you are doing marvellous after your hip op and even better you've got Parker to attend! How did you do that I wonder...

Estellemac in reply to Telian

Wine coercion threats and when all else fails 😭 crying.

Chrob in reply to scats

I also used the Parker training manual.

Estellemac in reply to Chrob

I think I will write a couple more modules. Or take him through Communicating with Mortals again. He’s not at all good at that.

scats in reply to Chrob

Perhaps she should publish a training manual, being careful not to be sexist of course. Mark could do with some competition!

Estellemac in reply to scats

Interesting concept. As I am now a lady who lunches (only if it’s shoots and leaves) I may consider it. I need a project as it’s coming up to winter and the garden will be hibernating.

scats in reply to Estellemac

Well you have two buyers already!



Give my love to Bondi 🇦🇺

Loved our day in Bondi, keep up the good work with Parker. 😂😎

Glad you're doing well as you can and have attempted this trip. You still continue to make me laugh! Looking forward to more Parker modules!!

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