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Pred for scary dental appointment


I already sent this once but it disappeared, so I hope you don't get it twice.

I usually see a very nice dentist who specialises in dental phobia. Even so, the last time I went to see him I had quite a bad headache afterwards and ended up taking an extra 5mg that night.

Now he has had to refer me to the dental hospital about a polyp in my cheek and I've just been given an appointment for Friday at 4pm. My dentist says he doesn't think the polyp is anything to worry about, but I'm really scared about the appointment and the possible treatment.

I'm currently alternating between 5mg and 4.75mg Pred which I take as enteric coated (except the .25mg) at 8am. It's for GCA and mild PMR in 2015. I think I will need to increase the dose, but by how much and when? I'd very much welcome any advice. Would a one-off diazepam help reduce the problem, or is that best avoided? It might be too late to get it now anyway.


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I used to get bad headaches when I had a dental anesthetic. The dentist suggested he used an anesthetic without adrenalin and this was much better for me. This was pre. pred. that may make a difference.

Myosotis in reply to scats

Thanks, Scats, but I hadn't had a dental anaesthetic when I got the headache, and I don't remember getting headaches after dental anaesthetics pre-Pred, so it can't have been that.

That's a useful tip for anyone who DOES get headaches from the anaesthetic though.

That gets me wondering if an anaesthetic in itself could also affect thePred dose. I don't know if I will need an anaesthetic or not on Friday.

scats in reply to Myosotis

Lets hope all goes well!


I get a tension headache after the dentist if I’ve had to hold my mouth open for more than just a checkup.

I was a dentist phobic and always caused a scene as a young person. As an older teenager in the ‘70’s I was doing the usual thing when the dentist very unprofessionally bellowed, “will you just shut up!”. Perhaps he was having a bad day. Anyway it did the trick; never had a problem since. I think it was a bit like stopping someone’s hiccups by giving them a fright!


I would have thought there will be little to be done on Friday - just checking it and deciding if it DOES need further action in which case they will make a further appointment. They tend not to embark on a lot at just before hometime on Fridays! They should discuss your phobia then and how to deal with the next appointment. If you might need more pred they will tell you - and if they were to do something on Friday they can also give it you then and there.

Why not ring the dental hospital department and ask for advice? Then you have it from the experts.

I think I would incline towards diazepam for the fear and Pred for the physical effects of a small op. I would only take an extra mg. This kind of procedure will be over quite quickly. Drift away on a cloud of Valium. Good luck!

I'd be on diazapam just reading the appointment date, I have dentist phobia too but seriously, you don't need stress wreaking havoc in your body so take what you need to keep stable.

Many thanks to everyone for all your help. Sorry I didn't reply before. I've been completely tied up with other things (I'm carer to my husband and mother).

I got some diazepam from the doctor, but had to laugh because she gave me a prescription for 14 tablets but the pharmacist said I would only need to take just one before the dental appointment, so I said I hope that doesn't mean that I'm going to need 14 dental appointments!

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