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Recently I told you about my son having his colon removed and the discovery of liver cancer I had many lovely letters from you all. After many infections they have finally started chemo so fingers crossed everyone. I myself am back on 5mg pred saw new doctor today he said take ten if you want I assured him I didn’t want as it had taken me 2 years to get down to 0. Finally persuaded him to have a blood test but I am aware it doesn’t always mean much. Keep smiling 😅( that sounds funny not him have the blood test but me)

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Very sincerely good wishes to you and your son darling xxxx

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Good news on son, but take what you need, you’ve been through the wringer as well and it maybe well hit you in the weeks to come! Hope not, but be aware, sometimes when the worst is over and we relax it takes its toll.


What a sensible doctor - you have permission to take what you need and won't have to beg if it does become necessary. I agree with DL - it is often later it hits you. All the best to you both.

I'm so sorry to hear about your son Perkey and do hope he comes through all of this okay, fingers well and truly crossed.

You have a good Doctor letting you decide the best course of action for you, he realises you have a lot going on. Get plenty of rest when you can. Did get it re the blood test we all do it on here and don't bat an eyelid. I like a sense of humour and you have that - it can only be good.

Best wishes to you and your son and keep us updated.

Everything crossed for you and your son.💐

I am so sorry you and your family are going through such difficult times. I do believe in the miracles you mentioned in your previous post. My husband is living proof, having had a liver transplant ten years ago. My motto then and now was and is 'a day at a time'. Tough times but here's hoping your son makes a full recovery by the end of his treatment regimes. Thinking of you and yours.

All the best and yes, one day at a time. So glad you don’t have doctor fighting madness to content with too.

It is so worrying when a loved one is so ill. I have had that experience and feel we have come out the other side so will keep you in my thoughts.


Hi Perkey

I’m so sorry about you son & his condition but pleased he’s we’ll enough to start the Chemo Regime. You need to be mindful of yourself as sometimes it catches up with us when we are least expecting it too!

I’m pretty tired now but I’ll drop you a PM tomorrow with some Chemo Survival Tips to help keep him comfortable as possible. Been there, done that, got the TShirt!

Mrs N x

Thank you Mrs nails.

fingers crossed and good good energy being sent to your son. And I love your doc for saying you take what you need. We our our own best allies. You are going through a lot so take as good care of yourself as you can. !

Sending caring thoughts to you and your dear son ,Perkey,l hope that he will be OK and that his treatment will bring about a good recovery.Please keep posting to let us know how you both are,and take care and rest as much as you can xx

All the very best Perkey for you and your son xxx

Keeping everything crossed for you and your Son , I hope he copes well with the chemo but please don't forget to look after yourself also xx

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