Flare Up?

I am on 6mg Pred. Trying to keep it down for my op late September to improve healing and reduce infection. I feel the need to increase the Pred as the symptoms are back. Stiff neck, shoulders and no strength in my arms and legs.

Would you call the doctor and ask him?

Mine is not to well informed on PMR and doesn't get the OA and impact the two conditions have me. The last time the blood test didn't show any significant inflammation markers. Or could I increase the dosage as I have done before and taper of after two weeks?

Anyone any ideas or have you done this yourself and it's worked?

My problem is getting to the surgery for the blood test as I can't walk.

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  • If you can't walk there is no point struggling along on too low a dose - or is that another issue? Is that the reason for the surgery?

    If your GP doesn't know much is there any point asking him? I'd keep at the dose I needed and taper just before the surgery - if it is necessary. I know people who had hip replacements on 10mg - because they had to be able to mobilise post-op and without the pred that wasn't going to happen.

  • Hi PMRpro

    I can't walk because I am waiting for hip replacement surgery. This what I was thinking but you know when you just need a bit more info from someone who knows about PMR from a personal perspective? This makes sense to me thanks. I do have a provisional date for the pre op assessment but it's 6 weeks away. I know I can ask them but it seems like forever when your in pain. I also think is it just OA in other places? But then I have considered all the differences and I know it's not. Once the hips sorted I can work with the PMR better. I did think of upping it to 20mg but 10 is manageable and much more sensible, especially for tapering off after the flare has eased

    Thank you for your response I do appreciate the time you take to read my posts and give a considered response. I feel better now and haven't done anything yet!!

  • I know some surgeons are perfectly happy with patients being on 10mg - so do ask yours. They usually want the patient to be stable at a dose - and able to mobilise post-op, which really is very important.

  • I can call his secretary tomorrow she has been all right with me so far. I was asking for a date every week as the wait was driving me daft.

  • I had surgery last year for spinal stenosis and was on 10mg at the time and it didn't cause any problems.

  • That good news. I haven't had any problems really other than pain and fatigue. I reckon 10 will be ok. Thanks

  • What stage do you think the increased appetite starts with Pred? I put 2 stone on in the first 12 months after diagnosis. I stopped after tapering off over two months as I felt well and needed to get the weight off. That was when my hip went completely and the PMR came back with a vengeance. However with a concentrated effort and a strict diet (not able to shop or cook) I have lost a stone in 6 months. I think this is why I was reluctant to up the steroids subconsciously.

  • It depends on the person. I don't have an increased appetite - in fact when I started on pred I went from craving carbs in the afternoon to having little appetite in hours.

  • I was so unwell at first I lost a lot of weight and spent all my time not at work in bed. Then I got the steroids the miracle cure. So I think it was feeling better being awake more and my natural propensity for overeating kicked in with a bit of stimulation of the adrenal glands from the meds. I have got a healthier attitude to food now. I accept showrooms affects you body and the damage sugar and saturated does in any form. I have always been aware but chose to ignore it. I should consider this and not think it's the drugs not me!!!!

  • Just a quick moment to give you a pat on the back for your weight loss! A stone in weight is a lot! Just keep paying attention to carbs, and you will be fine.

    Kind regards, Jerri

  • Showrooms??? Was "How food affect your body" I also learned that Pred converts your some of your foods to fat and lays it down round your waist and face. So if I lower the carbs and up the protein it will help build my wasted muscles back up too. Working towards a 1lb off next two weeks to be below 13st for my op.

  • Since my blood sugar started to be controlled with insulin (had diabetes for 17yrs) my appetite started to normalise. I have always found that if blood sugar sticks in teens appetite goes up. if I am with normal range 4 to 8 for me my appetite stabilised.

  • My appetite stabilised at 6mg but a lot was in my head too. So far my blood sugar is ok but my Thyroid is sluggish. Must be something non medical to get it below borderline?

  • Just low carbs I am afraid. But you need to make sure fat and fibre content kept up. it both ssatisfies you and slows down how carbs absorbed so you.dont get as higher spikes. At beginning it feels hard but you just get into swing. I am not saying I don't cheat on occasion but I just pick it up next day.

    it's is amazing how much difference 1 inch off waist will make. I lost about 5 inches a couple of years ago using online weightwatchters and basically went into minimum doses of all diabetes meds. SO i kniw it works. BUT I put it back in and turned out hypothyroidism had kicked in.

    Good luck!!

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