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Anyone got snowy vision


I was finished reading in bed last night - I had a low bedside light on both side of the bed and switched off the light on my side. Then it looked to me as if it were snowing dust - I looked up to see if things were falling of the ceiling it was that weird. I turned on the main light and the 'snowy vision' went away but returned when I turned it off again. It was OK again this morning

Just wondering if anyone else has had this phenomenon and whether it is associated with PMR

Thamks in advance y'all

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Floaters? I had more of them than usual on higher dosesor when I’m ill. Can’t remember how high though, possibly 15mg and up. Try this

suzy1959 in reply to SnazzyD

That's a great link. About 6 weeks ago, I got lots of floaters and light flashes. I had no idea what was happening and was a bit worried. I posted on this forum and it was suggested it might be posterior vitreous detachment and that I needed it checked out in case it was more serious. I went to the optician that day and she was able to confirm that was what it was. I still get some floaters, depending on the light, but, apparently your brain gets used to them and stops seeing them. I have grown quite fond of my little cobwebs!

Angiejnz in reply to suzy1959

Isn't this site amazing for information you need quickly and reliably!!??!!

CT-5012 in reply to Angiejnz

Beats google 😁


It might be worth getting your eyes checked by the optometrist - especially if it happens again. Eyes are precious - once too often is better than once too few!

Before l was diagnosed with PMR,l had flashes in my left eye, l had an eye test but they could not find anything wrong.The flashes disappeared after a short time.

Not 'floaters' it was as if the whole room was filled with shiny dust which I really thought was coming from the ceiling. Little specks but millions of them - check this out - the dancing dots is what I saw, I just wondered if it was anything to do with the PMR or GCA (which I haven't been diagnosed with) - as you do with every pain or ache etc.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Theziggy

As even the DM says - needs checking to rule out other things.

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