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I really have messed up

Monday night I had just turned off my alarm for evening meds when I was texted my best friend was out of ICU. I texted back I would be in by noon to see her. Hung up and forgot my evening meds.

Then the next morning I somehow forgot to take my morning meds including prednisone. I did not realize I even missed my morning meds but that night found out I missed my previous night.

I had spent 4 hrs by her bedside then came home to 3 hours of Bingo where I am the caller. I was exhausted and decided to go to bed early. When I looked in my mirror my face and neck had red splotchy areas.

I awoke at 5 in the morning feeling dreadful not hurting just awful. I felt dizzy and thought the stress of my day had done me in.

Then I tried to go back to sleep which took me hours. I finally sat up and reached for my pills when I saw what I had done.

I have had hot flushes off n on all day and have gone to bed to try and sleep it off.

it scares me to know my memory is so shot that I don't even know I took or didn't take my meds


Other than that life is good and my friend woke up and knows who she is...hope to be able to see her tomorrow.

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I know their are a few of us who have done that and like you not realized till the next day

Just makes us more careful

We al have ways of doing our meds

I always do mine while kettle is boiling first thing in morning

Pop them into a old egg cup and always count them when taking them to make sure

Glad your friend is going on all ok



This morning I have just realised i didn't take yesterday morning's pred - no wonder I've been feeling stiff! And that's with the benefit of one of those daily pill dispensers!

You certainly had good reasons to be woolly-minded - I too had the stress some years ago of anxious bedside vigils as my best friend lay in a coma due to bacterial meningitis. Be sure to give yourself some tlc, and best wishes for your friend's continued recovery.

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It's good to focus on someone who needs you and be there for your friend. We forget our meds sometimes because the thought of others suffering overrides our needs at that time. Then as your pain kicks in you think how could I forget!!!!

But easily resolved. I hope your friend is feeling better. You are a good person and will reap the rewards of you kindness.

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Hope you have caught up with meds and feeling better. Without my mobile beeping at me all day I would be lost. I still miss occasional doses when distracted when alarm ill friend certainly counts as that.

Two days ago I had no idea if I had taken my evening insulin dose. Just total blank. I think when you take things daily it's easy to go on automatic.

Here's to better memory access📱


It's always frightening to think about the impact of missing a dose or two can be. To be so dependent on a to tiny pill is humbling isn't it? I hope and pray your friend continues to recover and I hope and pray you stabilize on your meds and feel much better. Be good to yourself!




Glad that you're now back on the straight and narrow! So easily done- especially when you have someone else on your mind! No you " didn't really mess up" just made a mistake - we've all been there!


Good news about your friend.

And everyone has done it at some point - you are not alone!


We all make mistakes like that once in a while...the stress and the brain fog.

I have two of those pill boxes that have the seven days of the week on them...I just have to pause and try and remember what day it is😊 Hope you are feeling better in the morning after your mess. Good wishes to your friend.

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Bless you, clearly you were considering your friend not yourself! I hope you get time off for good behaviour in your sufferings.🌹


Thank you all my friend is awake and up in a chair. I am on my way to see her. I am still tired from my mishap but doing OK. Today will be a shorter day.

Again thank you all for your responses...


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