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A Little Help From My Friends


I have read ALL of the kind, honest, thoughtful, lovely comments left on my last "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" post... I will respond to all of them in good time. For now, "THANK YOU" for being there and for picking me up.


“There are still some wonderful people left in this world! They are diamonds in the rough, but they're around! You'll find them when you fall down – they're the ones who pick you up, who don't judge, and you had to fall down to see them! When you get up again, remember who your true friends are!” ~ C. JoyBell C.

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Just look after yourself. Don’t put yourself under extra pressure. To help support and encourage is what this forum is for. Hope you soon feeling much, much better and the reduction can begin. In the meantime rest, relax, recuperate and in this weather keep cool.

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Thank you... I am, I promise!!!!

Everything changes. You can make

A fresh start with your final breath.

But what has happened has happened. And the water

You once poured into the wine cannot be

Drained off again.

What has happened has happened. The water

You once poured into the wine cannot be

Drained off again, but

Everything changes. You can make

A fresh start with your final breath. 🌺Brecht

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I so love you!

Just look after yourself don't worry about us we understand how you feel. We don't need thanks that's why we're here, you've done the same for many of us time and again.

Look forward to getting the old you back we need your outlook on life. Just your comments have lifted me on low days.

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Thank you.. I am looking after myself, I promise! Thank you for your kinds words...

Melissa, thank you for the lovely heart-shaped 'Thank You'.

I hope I speak for most of us when I say that you shouldn't try to respond personally to all the replies you get to your posts. A collective reply like today's is wonderful. You must spend so much of your life, both writing your blog and the posts, then replying to the many of us who respond........... I would be exhausted without PMR and this heat.

Take some time out for YOU, as Jean 56 says, R & R and more. x

PS No reply required!!

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Dearest Rugger, I shall respond to you first, because you said I should not try to respond to everyone personally. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. You have no idea how much enjoyment I get from reading and responding to posts and comments! Yes, I am online a lot of my day; here, my blog, emails to friends, Facebook, the internet and finding relevant articles to post to my Soul Midwife Facebook Page (A Soul Midwife - Melissa White). ...but it keeps me grounded, sitting in one place for more than 60 seconds, and prevents me from running around the house like a madwoman looking for chores to do or worse.... online shopping!!!🤑🤑. This is my time out for ME!

Thank you so much for your comment and for caring! I truly appreciate your support and advice. Xxxx

We all realize that this illness does not operate in a linear fashion. I’m on vacation, just woke up with what feels like extra, extra inflammation. I popped an extra Prednisone so I’ll see what happens. I have overdosed on sweets so maybe I should stop!

Feel better on this very bumpy ride!

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Thank you! I hope you are feeling better!!!!! NO MORE SWEETS!!!!!!

You are not pitiful Melissa, and we don’t pity you, we just emphathise. X

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Thank you! I appreciate the love, caring and empathy! xx

I have just come across a poem which a friend sent to me after 4 years ago struggling with pred.....(now only down to 9mg after nearly 7 years!)…

When the tide of life turns against you, and the current upsets your boat,

don`t waste time on what might have been, just lie on your back and float.....

I know easier said than done.....

I wish you well...….we`re all battling the demon tide!

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Thank you... I am floating, floating, floating!!!!!!! : )

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Actually there is a place called Float in my city, you lie in an enclosed big tank with lots of Epsom salts so you float, I'm tempted......but it's so expensive!!

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YES! We have that in Brighton! I so want to go but it is so expensive... £65 for a 60 minute float and a cup of tea! I may ask for it as a Christmas pressy though! ; )

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Good idea........

This post is sufficient response to most of us. Hope you are feeling a whole lot better today. 🤗

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Thank you HeronNS... : )

You feel what you feel! We’re here to listen, support, advise if need be. Hope you’re feeling better!

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I am! Thank you PMR Canada! I love knowing you are all there for me...

Just to say I ALWAYS appreciate your authenticity and honesty Melissa - after all there is no point in pretending to think and feel something you don't. Sometimes this is the hardest thing to be and 'do' however - being 'real' when things feel so surreal - Thanks for it all - for sharing it with us ...



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I so love you Rimmy!

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Thank you for listening and being engaged...

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Rimmy I am like you I hate false. I can handle truth and untruths make me uneasy. xx

Just want you to be on top of things again Melissa. Your posts have made me laugh and cry on occasions. Keep strong. Hope we can meet at the agm in September. Sending hugs. Xx

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Awe.... what a great compliment Suet3942! Thank you!!!!! Fingers crossed I will be there with bells and red lipstick on!!!!! Hugs back at ya!

You have and are coping so well you are a great example for all of us. My brain fog now really hits me at odd times I went to a Fourth of July party and said “Happy New Year!” To a friend. I was so shocked that happened but oh well it made my friend laugh.

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Me? A great example???? WOW! Thank you!!!! With my ups and downs, I don't know how???? ...but thank you!

And oh my goodness, that was hysterical, Maggiemudsharkl!!!!! Happy New Year!!!

I walked into a shop in Lyon France once and very confidently said, " Au revoir!" I was not on steroids at the time!!!! : (

Said to my sister yesterday that I met a lovely lady while sitting in the airing cupboard...thought my sister was going to wet herself laughing.......I meant doctor's surgery.......why on earth I said that I do not know!

Pred head and heat.......not good......especially in an airing cupboard!😱

Hope things are improving for you.....

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*sound of woman laughing hysterically* "In the airing cupboard!!" Oh my goodness... I thought I'd wet myself just imagining that scene and your sister's reaction!!!!!!

Things are improving, thank you! The thought of 40 was way worse than actually being on 40. It was just the thought of going up and not down that had me blue. Hope you are well Longtimer!

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Hope the immersion wasn't on ...

Longtimer in reply to PMRpro


...I sometimes get a bit worried that the wrong words will slip out to the wrong person....and considering we are always being told what we mustn'tt say any more, well, I may have to be gagged!😷

I have quite a bit of pain and the fatigue.....now going to have a little siesta!

Just hoping blood tests of which I'm having plenty will come up with some answers......we live in hope thank you....🙏

Mamici1 yes I agree I have been amazed at the kindness including yours. Bless you all.

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Awe..... You're lovely!

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