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Aneamia & Ferrous Sulphate

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When I became aneamic,I was told to eat iron-rich foods and bloods will be tested again after a month. My own GP is on holiday and I saw a different one this week to ask for a new prescription for Pred. He also gave me a prescription for Ferrous Sulphate 200mg twice daily. I am not sure whether to take them or not,as, like all medications, they can have side-effects, and I wonder why my own GP didn’t give me them?

Am confused, any advice appreciated.

9 Replies

Hi Carol. A few months ago my Doc said I was showing aneamic after a blood test and prescribed Ferrous Sulphate which didn't create any after effect problems for me considering I take other Meds but after my last blood test a different Doctor took it off my repeat prescription and said that I don't need it now. That was good as I was on 3 tablets a day which were to be taken on an empty stomach one hour before a meal or two hours after which proved a bit difficult when taking other Meds at various times. You could see how you go.Good luck. D

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Yes, will probably give it a go, a few months might just make all the difference, can only hope no side effects!

Thanks for getting back to me!

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I don’t know whether you are aware that iron rich foods (meat, green veg and others) are not absorbed well if taken within a couple of hours of tea or coffee, and that iron absorption is increased if taken along with Vit C (fruit especially)

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Carol-mc in reply to Mary63

Hi Mary,

No, I didn’t know that, re the tea or coffee, thanks for the

info, tend to be a bit of a ‘tea-jenny’, although drinking more water now than previously.

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Probably because the second one thought a speedier result might be a good idea! What is your haemoglobin level?

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Carol-mc in reply to PMRpro

I have no idea what my haemoglobin level is, will ask when next at the surgery, appreciate your reply!

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I take Ferrous Sulphate after Ferrous Fumarate caused a massive flare of my IBS. Advised to take it with food to avoid IBS flare and last Hb showed nearly in the normal range from almost needing a blood transfusion. How had it got that low? Consultant I see at the stroke clinic (TIA in Feb) dismissed all the symptoms as probably the pred, ha! GP said yes probably making a hole in your stomach, fortunately not. I usually eat an orange each day anyway so no change there. Good luck.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to CT-5012

While I believe Rod Hughes says he has never seen a pred-damaged stomach! Pred gets blamed for a lot of things of which it is innocent!

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CT-5012 in reply to PMRpro

Absolutely, couldn’t see how it could be the problem, take pred with breakfast and a glass of milk. Also might have noticed a bleed of that size having had no GI symptoms at all. However, I now know I am ok all the way through. MRI showed up an ovarian cyst which the radiologist says looks benign but has booked a repeat scan in six months and eighteen months to make sure, so not an entirely wasted scan.

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