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Well after yesterday's fun in the garden. I was awake most of the night. Just couldn't get comfortable. Eventually woke this morning with aches everywhere. So up I got znd took the dog to the lakes for a swim, then a walk znd then back to the lakes. By that time pain had cleared. So thought I would sit in the garden and read. Only took half an hour to get so hot. I couldn't read as my eyes were filling with dripping sweat Yuch . Since coming down on pred I just can't sit in the sun without becoming SWEATY BETTY. (Sorry hope no one is offended if they share the name Betty). Anyone else have this. Must admit it is incredibly hot here. ? Xx

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Lots of people find their body thermostat goes haywire - sometimes the PMR/GCA, sometimes the pred, sometimes both. But remember too that you aren't used to the heat - and being in the sun can add 15C to the ambient temperature!

Me too, sun and slight breeze is fine but heat and humidity make me into a wet rag. Didn’t have this problem previously its new this year and I hope it gets better soon for both of us. Inside now with fan on drying out. 😓

morrison in reply to CT-5012

Me too. I used to love to read and relax in 5he sun. Wgat a bummer. .as it would be so nice you sleep in it abd relax too.

The sleeplessness happens to me when I've been doing stuff, you'd think we'd be exhausted but seems to work the opposite...it will wear off now but in the meantime enjoy, what sounds just heavenly, where you are - in the UK? - it is hot here and I cannot be in the sun at all just get overheated in an instant.

As PMRpro says our thermostats have their own mind, one minute I'm cold then hotter than hot but am taking a cancer drug as well so got a choice as to what's to blame!

Did you get the leaves sorted?

morrison in reply to Telian

I'm in Hertfordshire where are you? Athe least we're not paying in money for our thermostat control. Just in sweat. Ha ha..x

Telian in reply to morrison

Essex, night night x


I have been to work today and it was unbearable at time at one point my hair and face where dripping most unpleasant.

Your walk to the lakes sounds idyllic

morrison in reply to Rose54

It was so nice Nd my dog Pi enjoyed being cool. At one end point I thought I would love to join him. 😊

I wish... I overdid it today so I've been awake all night with body reminding me that we are having a wee war here. Got out of bed to make copious cups of tea (proof I'm English) and jumped (euphemistically) back into bed with electric blanket on, it's freezing. Oh yeah, then the night sweats visit so it's one leg out and one leg in so only half of me gets the frozen clammy bits before I have to rotate. Not so much being a headless chook, more like a rotisserie chook tonight 🍗🐔

CT-5012 in reply to Angiejnz

First time we visited Australia it took me a little while to work out what chook seeds were. 😂🐣

Those nights sound familiar LOL :)

Reminds me of the old nursery rhymes The hokey cockey. I used to sing it to myou oldest grandson when he was a baby. He used to make me dance to it before he would go to sleep. That was a sight and a half. 😊. Where are you based again. Hope that senario makes you laugh when that leg pops out your bed in the morning or in the middle of the night. X

Angiejnz in reply to morrison

New Zealand, living close to a beautiful mountain Mount Taranaki so when it's a clear night there are no brass monkeys around brrrrr

I am generally a hot person. The least bit of heat and I am dripping. With the pred. it is even worse. I really enjoyed this past winter, I was actually chilly. I was hopeing this chilliness was going to last into the summer but alas it didn't.

My hubby couldn't believe the change.

Good luck luck to everyone on this site tomorrow. Myou fan is on. 😆

Yes sweating here Janette. Sometimes you have to give PMR a poke to make sure it’s still there. It usually is. What lakes?

An old Mill in Redbourn surrounded by lakes. My daughter lives 5 minutes walk from lovely fishing lakes. So taking Pi there today for a swim. Xx

It sounds wonderful. A balm to the spirit.

Reminds me of a phrase I heard years ago - horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies glow

morrison in reply to borednow

Well I will continue to glow all day

HA ha.

borednow in reply to morrison

You and me both!!! Phew.

Yes very hot in London yesterday. Was trying to help with twins and toddler. At about 5pm my face looked so red and sweaty- thought I was going explode. So did everyone else!! I usually find though, 4/ 5pm I get very hot anyway - add onto that 29 degrees and no wonder I felt I was going to melt away!! I wish!!

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