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Glucose tolerance test and Prednisalone

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I am due to have a glucose tolerance test tomorrow morning,. The instructions are to eat nothing for 12 hours before it and only drink water. I will be there for most of the morning. It suddenly struck me that I take Prednisalone with Yoghurt to protect my stomach and take that first thing. I have some Omeprazole left over from 2 years ago, can you take it as a one off?

Would others just take it when the test is over? I have a cold and cough at present, so not feeling wonderful anyway - this appointment has taken a few weeks to come through. Any thoughts gratefully received.

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Yes it's a bit of a problem when you have to 'fast' if you are taking Pred. For that reason any tests such as cholesterol are NOT 'fasting' for me - and now they say THAT one doesn't make much difference to the result - or at least not as much as once thought. Re the glucose tolerance test I'm not sure but I don't think a one off PPI will necessarily help much as you need (in my experience) to get them into your system for a day or two at least to really be effective. It doesn't sound like a great time anyway for you to have the test - when I am unwell I'm 'sure' my blood sugar is a bit weird. I have had one in the past but have no probs according to the hba1c test - so are they doing this to confirm suspected 'diabetes' ? Sorry I am no expert - and I'm sure others here will have some helpful responses - but hope you feel much better soon anyway SJ !!

Best wishes


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SheffieldJane in reply to Rimmy

Thanks for the lateral thinking Rimmy. Perhaps it is not a good idea to have this test when you’ve got a chesty cough and feel rotten. In U.K. surgeries these appointments take ages to come through, unlike your state of the art access to tests in Australia.

I have had no experience of this but I would be prepared to take the Pred on this occasion on its own to get the benefits. Sorry you aren’t feeling too great. Best wishes for tomorrow.

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Thanks for replying Balfron. I definitely get stomach gripes from Pred.

Sorry to hear you aren`t well, always comes at the worst times....may I ask why you are having such a test...I have only ever had a Hba1c tell me I`m pre -diabetic......or have you already had this and this is a step further?....sorry to be so ignorant....

Raised blood sugar during my last routine blood test. Probably due to a brief and tempestuous affair with Hagen Das, of course I regret it, we were incompatible from the start.

I know the feeling well!....

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

Seems a bit OTT for a single raised BS. What was your Hba1c level?

OH has a permanently raised fasting BS - but his Hba1c is 35! The GP also wanted a GTT (which was raised) and specialist appointment - who snorted and sent him for an Hba1c check first. With the result - nothing to worry about.

Also, what have you been eating recently? If you are currently eating low carb (can't remember who is and who isn't) apart from your fling with HD then a GTT may give an ureliable result. You should have been eating a diet with a reasonable amount of carbohydrate for the 3 days prior to the test or the result is unreliable (it might be right, but then again, it might not!). It isn't "carb loading" as some people seem to think but if you haven't eaten much carb for weeks and weeks and then suddenly your body is faced with a large spike of easily absorbed glucose, the BS will shoot up higher than you would expect.

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SheffieldJane in reply to PMRpro

That is so interesting. As usual I don’t know my numbers. It is possibly a box ticking exercise on the part of the practice. I hope so, sigh!

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

Bit of a performance to tick a box!!!!

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SheffieldJane in reply to PMRpro

Yes but shock horror I’m a Prednisalone user!

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

Noooooo? Who would have thought...

Hi Jane

If you’re not well maybe best to reschedule it?

Ask about the Pred, you can take it with you & take it as soon as you can during the morning, probably after the first Blood is taken.

Otherwise just have it with you & take it when the test is over. That’s what l did when l had my Synacthen Test & it was about 11am when l took it & l felt OK.

All Best 🍀

Get Well Soon 💐

Angela xx

PS you could always ask GP for some enteric coated Pred to take on the day, much less likely to cause an issue xx

Morning to you - I found a link that does say that taking certain medications - including steroids - can have an effect upon the glucose test.

I've put the link below and if you scroll down to the section entitled "How to prepare for a blood glucose test" you will find the information.

You might be better to leave taking your Pred until after your test...hope all goes well for you & best wishes - Kathy

Thank you for going to this trouble Kathy that is a very interesting link that I’ve kept. I hope you are having a good day!

Thank you MrsNails. I will probably do that. Can I go off piste, yet again? Yesterday Hindhags was looking for your wonderfully helpful post about cruising and The Queen Mary 2. She couldn’t locate it, can you help? 💛

in reply to SheffieldJane

I’ll check it out & see if l can xx

If you can manage take the prednisone AFTER the test. Pretend you Forgot to take it! we have all done that.. ?? I HAVE a few times.. and have come out feeling foolish but unscathed.! Good luck! I think for this test fasting needs to be fasting. .. Unlike, as someone said.. other tests. thinking of you !

Thank you yogabonnie. I think I’ve got a wake up call coming, I got fed up being good, now I remember what I was being good for. I hope that you are doing well!

They always say to take medication as normal but only with water, in this instance I would delay taking it until after the test. I take Omeprazole but for you one dose wouldn't be enough I don't think as it has to build up...

If you're unwell why not reschedule, I know you'll have to wait again but there may be a cancellation, then you'll be more ready mentally and without the cold! they don't like you going in with colds anyway, plus you can ask them how to prepare for next time.

As you can see there are many scenarios but only you can decide and if you want to get it over with delay taking your pred until after the test, someone has said it can affect it anyway? I don't know that. At least you've got it out of the way! Pity you didn't think to ask earlier but we all do it.

Best wishes Jane

I have taken my prednisone without food on a number of occasions but would eat within 3 to 6 hrs later. No problem. They will give you that syrup to drink before the test. If you only have a few hours between the prednisone and the glucose drink it seems it would be ok. You should call your doc.

I have to take my own Lucozade. A fizzy U.K. drink that is predominately glucose that our mothers would give us when we were ill. At least it’s pleasant, that syrup is horrible.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

Um - is it still?

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SheffieldJane in reply to PMRpro

Probably not, like most things. It had a powerful psychological effect though, yey no school!

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A single dose of pred with just plenty of water probably won't hurt - and taking the PPI as a one-off is probably not worth it. It takes a week of continuous use to achieve the best effect - and you have to eat before they work as they have to be stimulated by acid. Just an old-fashioned gaviscon or the like is possibly more use - taken if you do get the feeling of a small rodent gnawing at your stomach! Probably preferably after the test - but it lasts a few hours usually.

Thanks for that. Yes it is exactly like a small rodent gnawing at your stomach isn’t it?

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

I've only had it once - when I needed to use 4mg plain pred to top up the enteric coated - less than that was never a problem!

Sheffieldjane - I have had a few of these since I started pred 18 months ago for PMR. I don't take any pills in the morning before. Also, I take Lanzoprazole (30 mgs) daily for my stomach.. I also have RA and take Leflunomide and an anti inflammatory daily - 15mg kept that under control, but with the pred, I have had to take more. It suits me to split the dose, 1 am and 1 before bed.

Wish you well with your decision xx

Thanks Janette, I hope you are feeling , I was going to say perky, but you don’t want that at night, so I hope you feel relaxed right down to your toes. Xx

Thank you Odosmum.

Hiya SJ. I had an adrenal function test where you cannot take your prednisolone until afterwards. I took mine with me to the hospital and took it after the test. I was fine. I hope everything goes ok for you and you get rid of your cough and cold. Thinking of you.😃

Just a suggestion but could you take your pred just before you start your 12 hr fast? Or half your dose. It should see you through most of the day.

Hi Jane

Did you go for your Glucose Tolerance Test? xx

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York54 in reply to

I was th ing the same Jane.

To my huge embarrassment, I turned up for my Glucose tolerance test clutching my Lucozade only to be told that I was a month early. 🤪 Talk about Pred. Head. The appointment was made in May and I must have assumed it was June 18. So I have longer to lower the sugar levels. I had a nice walk on an early sunny morning and I honestly didn’t care. I will save all your advice for the appointment that has been brought forward to 6 July because I sail to New York on 13 July. Just in time, not to be allowed to partake of any the all in goodies - including a complimentary mini bar . 😠

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

Stick to gin and diet tonic - no carbs!

Do you know what your Hba1c is?

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SheffieldJane in reply to PMRpro

Not yet I will ask, nobody volunteers precise blood results at my surgery.

Gin and tonic it is then.

in reply to SheffieldJane

Well as l always used to say when l worked in Outpatients ‘Better a Month Early than a Month Late & have missed it altogether!’

We had a chap turn up for his 3pm appointment at 2pm ~ it was 11days since we’d put the clocks back to GMT & he’d never noticed! 🤔

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SheffieldJane in reply to

I did once turn up for work at the crack of dawn because I’d forgotten. No excuses at all, I was young and fit. 😊

I cannot TELL you how much I love that you turned up a month early. SO LIKE ME. I did that once (pre prednisone brain ) for a flight home from California!!! Glad you have more time..and had a sunny walk!! Glad all is well ! And we must hear about the test results in July!

Hey Jane, how did your glucose test come out? Thats a brutal process, hope it didnt give you much grief...

Sorry, just read back about your calendar glitgh🤣🤣...i can so relate🤪


I worry about being late for things but a month early is ridiculous, even for me.😬

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