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Ear clinic


I just returned from ear clinic and how marvellous! Having been deaf in one ear for a week, used six hoppi candles, copious amounts of earrex to no effect, spending £90 seemed the only way to go. (The doctor doesn't do syringing of ears). It was expensive as it took only five minutes, but the relief is immense. I will never take my hearing for granted again. the accompanying tinnitus has reduced to its tolerable level instead of the recent crescendo of high pitched whistle. Bliss. Hope you all have a happy weekend.

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It is when it didn't work that I resent the expenditure...

Glad for you Pongo!

Some of us owe those Ancient Greeks and Hopi Indians big time.


Read the history................


I think ear candling has been largely discredited. I had it done a few times. Never really noticed a difference. Costly. And then I heard about people who had been injured (burnt?) by the procedure.

I asked a pharmacist which of the products on her shelves she would recommend. She told me to go home and use olive oil!

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I returned home with an olive oil spray purchased from ear clinic, for use once a month in future.

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Pongo, Snap! Had my annual suction of my ears yesterday (long story why it has to be done at least annually!) As you say, a lot of money for just 5 minutes but sooo worth it. Actually you mention "syringing" but I'm surprised if you actually had them syringed - they usually just do suction these days...much more comfortable, too.

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Yes suction was used. My initial thought had been syringing at the doctor but my surgery doesn't offer this service.

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It's becoming less used. I think there's too much potential to cause some damage.


Glad you feel better. My sister gets enormous relief on the occasions she goes. You must feel like a new you so hope it gives you that spring boost!!

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I do feel re-energised! My vision has declined of late! The double whammy of deafness was incredibly frustrating. Spring boost can kick in now please!

Like Celtic I have suction these days rather than syringing. It is more effective, and a more comfortable procedure. Our ENT consultant friend told me that it is safer than syringing, ie less chance of any damage being done to the ears. I go to Pindrop in central London and it costs £80.

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Zhenya, “less chance of any damage being done to the ears, That is exactly what damaged my right ear many years ago when it was cleaned with a syringe with water taken from a container from which a dirty finger dressing from a previous patient was just tipped out without sterilising! Thank Heavens for the latest suction clearing. Like the sound of your Pindrop - much cheaper than my ENT consultant here in Surrey.

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Yuk yuk Yuk!! @!@@$@

It is amazing how acute your hearing is in the first few hours. I could hear a conversation in a closed car in a car park. We must filter a lot out.

I need to practice filtering out the snoring from the hub..... Last night it seemed quite welcome for a change!

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🤣🤣🤣🤣. Me too!

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